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May 31, 2008 11:13 PM

dinner before shea with vegetarian/kosher friend

Looking for a good spot to grab dinner before Shea with one person who eats everything and one who keeps kosher (eats at non-kosher places but won't eat shellfish, pork, or non-kosher meat) My go to places these days are Sripraphai, Spicy and Tasty, Little Pepper, etc. and those might work (fish dishes, tofu dishes...) anyone have any other ideas? any good spots in Corona or Jackson Heights that could work? thanks!

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  1. happy buddah is really tasty. its a vegge/kosher chinese in flushing.

    they are on 37th by the municipal lot.

    135-37 37th
    your friend will love ya, and you will be suprised how good it is!

    1. depends on your mode of transportation. the best kosher place near there is probably grill point at jewel and main in kew garden hills. awesome shwarma and mid east salads and grill. but it's easiest with a car. also, any of the bukharan places in rego park, and there are about 4 of them on 108th street just south of the l.i.e.