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May 31, 2008 10:33 PM

JUNE COOKBOOKS Of The Month - Casas - General rules

Here we go again! Es Junio! Vamos a cocinar con los libros de Penelope Casas y la comida de Espana! (Sorry for lack of diacritical marks!)

Since there are 4 Penelope Casas books and numerous chapters in each covering many more categories than the usual salads, soups, meats, etc., I have decided to post each book as a thread. We will, therefore, have 4 threads: TAPAS, LA COCINA DE MAMA, FOODS & WINES OF SPAIN and DELICIOSO

The categories are quite broad, so please note in your posts the name of the book and section you are cooking from, e.g., “THE FOODS AND WINES OF SPAIN, Soups and One Pot Meals” before describing the recipe.

Here are the threads:

JUNE Cookbook of the Month - Casas: LA COCINA DE MAMA -

JUNE Cookbook of the Month - Casas: TAPAS -

JUNE Cookbook of the Month - Casas: THE FOODS AND WINES OF SPAIN

JUNE Cookbook of the Month - Casas: DELICIOSO -

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  1. Thanks Joan!

    Here's a link to discussion about the book after it was chosen:

    1. Also, for those following along online, here are some links to online recipes assembled by nychowcook

      and soypower

      (I hope I didn't miss any!).

      As always, thank you oakjoan for organizing.

      I'm still waiting for my books from the library, but I've got at least my copy of (the original version) Tapas, so, that should be enough to get me started!

      Although, I think I'll start tomorrow rather than today.