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May 31, 2008 08:15 PM

Good tasting menu for pregnant woman

Is there a fine dining establishment in LA that has a tasting menu that is safe for a pregnant woman? Or does not require the whole table to get the tasting menu?

We've formed a fine dining club with a few friends, but one is pregnant and very strict about her intake. I love tasting menus b/c I don't have to think...

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. melisse has 3 fabulous tasting menus & one that is even vegetarian. on the regular tasting menu each person has many options & I imagine your friend can find something she will feel comfortable eating. I recently gave birth to a perfect baby girl & enjoyed sushi from time to time despite the social pressures as others have said. I was served decaf on a couple occasions even though I ordered 'coffee'! but of course, your friend has to do what she's comfortable with......

      1. La Cachette and Grace both offer vegetarian tasting menus, if that's of interest. Both of these restaurants are also incredibly accommodating and would likely do a supplement for a single dish if your pregger friend just wanted to avoid one particular course.

        1. Thank you all for your answers. I also agree the pregnancy restrictions are a little overboard, but I'm not a mother.

          We've checked out the menu at Melisse and probably will go therefor our first trip out. We'll look at Grace now too.

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            Being the mother of more than one, the latest only 10 weeks ago and a lover of food, I would have hated being at Melisse pregnant. reasons might be different than your friend. I have had several amazing meals at Melisse, all tasting menus with wine (before I was pregnant, of course). To be there and not be able to really get into the food (it's not just about what you can't eat, your tastebuds are off during pregnancy) and not be able to have wine would just be an exercise in toruture. But that is just me. One place I did love (and ate every week before my latest was born) is Pacific Dining Car. The steaks (every pregnant woman needs iron) were great!