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May 31, 2008 08:00 PM


Wandering Sawtelle while waiting for my Furaibo take-out order this evening, I happened upon Tofu Villa.

They are celebrating their grand opening today/tonight, and in the spirit of the new web 2.0 economy, that means giving it all away free with hopes of spreading good word of mouth from early adopters.

Alas, I wasn't able to partake, but I thought you might like to give it a try.

They are located in the two-story mini-mall a couple of doors down from Beard Papa. The menu includes four styles of Bibimbob (their spelling): BBQ Beef Rib, Beef Bulgogi, Spicy BBQ Pork, and Chicken.

I give them credit for only trying to do four things - or, from another perspective, doing just one thing, four ways. If anyone is going to be in the area tonight, give it a whirl and post your findings for the rest of us.

Oh, it goes almost without saying, but Furaibo was awesome and economical. Though, as the web has taught us time and again, it's hard to compete with I'm sure some of you will give Tofu Villa a try tonight.

Tofu Villa
2130 Sawtelle (next to Nijiya Market)
LA, CA 90025
310 477 8987

Open M-R, 11AM - MIDNIGHT, FRI-SUN, 11AM - 2AM

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  1. Wait... It's called Tofu Villa, but there is no tofu on the menu?

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    1. re: recovering_vegetarian

      Upon closer examination, I see that the take-out menu features a Tofu Villa Salad which includes, among other ingredients, tofu, mango, brocolli, olive, lemon, and feta cheese. Also, on the back panel of said menu, you'll be treated to a detailed explanation of bibimbob, along with a granular introduction to the wonders of soybeans and tofu.

    2. We went for dinner. Normally $10.99 for the Bimbibop BBQ Beef Rib, today it was free. I thought the portion was small at first but I was full at the end because of the additional side dishes - seaweed, chap chae,potato salad, cucumbers, pickled cabbage, kim chi style pickled garlic, clear soup with enoki mushroom. The side dishes were pretty good, except for the soft seaweed. Overall I think they did a good job for Bimbibop/Korean food, especially for the west side. It was also relatively well run for a first day opening. Ended the free dinner with a sample of their free "pinkberry" style yogurt.

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        1. re: HastaLaPasta

          They have a couple version of soontofu on the menu. Mushroom, seafood mixes, beef, pork etc.

      1. The original comment has been removed