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May 31, 2008 07:56 PM

Asia Buffet in Framingham?

What happened? Place is empty and locked up.

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  1. Yes its been closed since early May.. I went only once and said i would never return. Maybe its was ok for sushi, i dont know as i dont eat it. The Chinese food part was overpriced and not very good at all. Plus when went, everything was cold.

    I think that location is cursed.. Its been at least 3-4 asian restaurants and about 3-4 other types. None last very long.

    1. The sushi was a great value- the fish was definitely fresh and I loved the order-a-pile-at-a-time-from-the-menu concept.

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      1. re: Luther

        Yes that did sound like a good concept. When i had gone they were not doing that yet so you paid the high price even if you were not eating the sushi. Also i imagine alot of the sushi went to waste as much of it was just sitting out on the buffet and the non-popular items were not looking all that fresh. Some even had been covered with saranwrap in an attempt to prolong them. So i think that idea was a change for the better.