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May 31, 2008 07:51 PM

top chef this week - what about the unused meat?

i've never been bothered by the show before re waste - but this week they had those HUGE cuts of meat for the quickfire and then the judge did not even taste the steaks (just cut and looked at them). and they had the entire rest of the beef/steaks just sitting there. i found it kind of wasteful and felt a little bad about it. they should have had some shot explaining what happened to all the food. what do you think happened to the rest of the meat? i noticed they were eating meat at the apartment later - do you think they took it home? did the camera guys take it?

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  1. I would guess, as several folks commented on the main thread about that episode, that the steaks they were shown eating later were from the quickfire.

    1. they give it to the production crew.

      1. Lee Anne has often said that she and a couple of the production crew will make something from leftover fresh food, or the production staff eats what has been made by the cheftestants.

        Keep in mind that it is also Lee Anne who re-makes the dishes that the cheftestants make during QF and Elims for photo shoots for the website (and to write-up the "recipe" created by the cheftestant). So there's always going to be extra for the photo shoots.

        1. I can say with relative certainty that they didn't get tossed