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May 31, 2008 07:20 PM

vitantonio premier belgian waffler

i was inspired by
to dig out my waffle iron that had been far too neglected for way too long
('i'm ashamed
)but i cannot find the instruction manual
though i'm sure i could figure the operation out
i'd like the reassurance of knowing which light meant what again

it makes two 4.5 inch squares belgian waffles.
any idea what volume of batter would be a perfect fill for it?


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  1. I checked a picture of one on Ebay, and my guesstimate would be 1/3-1/2 cup per waffle. I have a silicone ladle that holds 1/2 cup batter I use to make waffles all the time- I have a couple different styles of waffle makers so I can cook up larger batches at once.

    As for the lights, watch which one comes on when you first plug it in and then you know that is the 'heating up' light. As for the 'waffle is done' light, those are not always accurate, depending on the batter you're using & how you like your waffles. I go by if the waffle is steaming, its cooking; when the steam start getting sparse, the waffle it is done. If you time it the first couple of times, you can set a timer for x-minutes so you don't have to watch so closely.

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      any waffle recipes you want to share?

    2. I just got a model 550 Belgian waffler and tried Krusteas Belgian waffle mix. The recipe said 2-3 7inch round waffles using 2/3 cup batter. Though I calculated that the round waffle would be ~10% larger in volume, but 2/3 cup of batter wasn't quite enough for the 550 iron. It appears that the newer irons have shallower waffle chambers.

      Unless you have a recipe that has dramatic rising power, I'd bump up the batter to 3/4 cup per double waffle..