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May 31, 2008 05:33 PM

Andrews Cheese on Montana

Anyone know when this shop will open? Would love to have a great cheese/wine shop on the blvd, although the wine shop next to Wild Oats usually makes me quite happy.

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  1. No idea but from the looks of it through the window they have quite a bit of work to do still. I wouldn't bet on it opening before the summer is over seeing as it's been delayed so much already.

      1. It is open and quite nice. They sell cheese, sandwiches and some specialty foods but no wine, I love Fireside Cellar too. When you ask to taste a cheese they give you a card to take home about the cheese making it easier to remember.

        We need to support our local stores on Montana.

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          that's good. i'm taking my girlfriend there tomorrow so we can grab a few cheeses for a grilled cheese extravaganza.

        2. Last time i went i asked for some fresh cheese curds, the owner told me he didn't have some on hand right then but that he has this guy come in on mondays to make fresh mozarella. So i could get some curds that day before he melts it.

          Does anyone know if the fresh mozarella guy goes every monday? I need to make some poutine soon or i will die.