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May 31, 2008 04:49 PM

Anything to eat/drink INSIDE the Pantages?

Yeah, we're going to see Wicked, and I see all the previous posts about places to eat. But is there anything inside the theater? A nice bar, perhaps? With some small plates to nosh on before the show? Or am I just being too hopeful?

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  1. There's a full bar for cocktails and they have cookies and candy but nothing cooked. Best bet is to sneak something in because that's what the people behind us did. But be kind and eat quietly.

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    1. re: ExtraCheesePlease

      No good food there. Walk over to Velvet Margarita.

    2. Right next to the Pantages is a little fast food place. People from the theater go there for a quick bite like hot dogs, hamburgers, and soft drinks.

      1. You are too hopeful. They have a bar that sells soda, drinks, beer, water, etc. However, only water can be taken into the theater, and you have to consume the other items outside. They also have candy for sale outside, kind of a like the movies except without the popcorn. I'm not sure they let you eat inside either.

        1. The Frolic Room is a tiny bar right next to the pantages, for some pre Wicked drinks. It was pritty crowded when I went to see Wicked.