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New Restaurants in Doylestown

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  • suzy May 31, 2008 04:40 PM
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There are 2 new restaurants in Doylestown. One is Bobby Simone's and the other is Rare. Has anyone eaten at either one yet?

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  1. I've had lunch and dinner at Bobby Simone's. Both were just okay. There's better food (and better value) other places. Domini Star. Il Melograno. Slate Bleu.

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    1. re: wandasue

      Do you know where and what Rare is? I am not familiar with it.

      1. re: crazyspice

        Rare is where Maxwell's used to be, across the street from the Courthouse.

        1. re: Jdbc

          Pardon my shock, when did Maxwell's close? We went to Honey a couple of weeks ago and I did not notice Maxwell's was closed. What type of restaurant is Rare? Are they open for lunch?

          1. re: crazyspice

            It's been a few months. I work at the courthouse and I didn't notice for a while. They are open for lunch, although I haven't eaten there. They seem to be predominantly a steakhouse if I recall correctly. They don't appear to have done too much to the place on the inside.