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May 31, 2008 03:39 PM

Travel to London/SE UK (Brighton)

In June, I'm going to London(Mayfair) for 2 days, then down to Brighton for 5 (staying by the Palace pier). I'm going to be with my wife and two 7-8yr old boys (mostly well behaved, give them their Nintendo's and they're very well behaved). Anyway, looking for family friendly and good food, not 4-star but not fish & chips everyday. We will be doing day trips towards Dover/Canterbury and Southhampton/Isle of Wight. Any suggestions to eat or see along the way would be appreciated.

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  1. Dover itself is a food desert. I often pass through on trips to Belgium & France and have yet to find a decent dinner.

    If you can time Canterbury to be at lunch, then the Goods Shed would be great. It's a casual restaurant/up-market cafe located in the permanent farmers market next to the railway station. They get many of their ingredients from the market.

    No personal experience, but I've heard Due South, under the Brighton promenade, is pretty good.

    At the far end of the county from Brighton is Rye. You may not want to drive that far for dinner but, if you do, the Landgate Bistro is very good. You'll need to book.


    1. I wasn't knocked out with the cooking at the Goods Shed but it's a convivial enough spot to have lunch and it's child friendly. Also consider The Granville which is a short cab ride away (get one from the bus station) in Lower Hardres. It's owned by the same people who run The Sportsman in Seasalter and the cooking's great.

      A visit to Canterbury Cathedral should be fantastic but I found the experience rather grim as the place was filled with continental school parties running amok through the cloisters and hoards of tourists snapping away (with flash) at every possible opportunity.

      In Brighton I recently visited The Meadow (actually in Hove but close enough) which is also child friendly (well, they had high chairs) and has excellent cooking using seasonal and local ingredients. They have a good set lunch deal.

      1. Thanks so much for both posts. Very helpful.
        Anything going west towards/in Winchester?

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          The Wykeham Arms in Winchester certainly used to have really good pub food (I think it has a Michelin bib gourmand). Saying that, I last went about 10 years ago! Has anyone been more recently?

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            I went last week. Really enjoyed it, plus a great 'olde worlde' location.

        2. Ok, I'm going to the same general area (based outside of Canterbury) and looking for ANY recs, but glad to hear of a rec for fish n/chips. I lived in UK yrs ago but dh has yet to have a proper fish n chips there. Leaving Friday the 6th for a week in the south and then a week in Edinburgh. Will post a 2nd req re the latter. TIA

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            If you fancy a treat there is a great cupcakery on the Lanes in Brighton called Angel Food Bakery. Also if you venture to Worthing there's a cupcake shop/bakery/cafe called Parklife - both well worth a visit!

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              In Kent, Google indicates that the Reliance Fish Restaurant at 4 Queen Street, Gravesend was the 2007 regional winner in the chippy of the year competiiton.

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                The Sportsman in Seasalter near Whitsatable (approx 7 miles from Canterbury) is gaining a reputation as one of the best pubs to eat in in the UK. It has a Michelin star and a strong local sourcing ethos - fish straight from the beach. It is sophisticated dining rather than F&C but if in the area a place that is not to be missed. Booking essential.


              2. Are you likely to have a car on the Isle of Wight? I'm afraid it's rather expensive to take one over on the ferry in June. If you are to be on foot which arrival town is probable please, Yarmouth, Cowes or Ryde?