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May 31, 2008 01:38 PM

Local sweet corn, when? Seattle area

We are new to the area. When does sweet corn come into the Seattle markets? Not the corn brought up from the south, but Washington State corn. Does anyone remember the price and availability of organic last year? I am prob too early, but it is about June 1 now..
We had Washington grown asparagus this year and it was tremendous compared to what we had been getting in Nebraska.

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  1. Here in Portland it doesn't come until August-Sept. This spring has been so cold, I am guessing everything will be late.

    1. Same in Western Washington--August/September.

      1. Here's a link to a website that shows when what local produce comes out.

        1. Ok, thanks, it will be a little later than I thought. I can wait.

          1. I saw roadside stands selling corn all over the place during October of last year. It was extremely cheap and very good. It is well worth the wait. My friend had so much of it that she will get naseous if she looks at another ear.

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              It all depends on the weather . ..

              1. re: PAO

                And based on the weather this year, I'm thinking October 09. =\