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May 31, 2008 01:34 PM

Long Beach NY Eats...

We have a summer house in Long Beach...I know a lot of new restaurants opened recently and I was wondering if anyone could give me any reviews. Our staples are Ginos, Matteos, Nick D'angelos, Coastal Grill and Petes Piteria. Anything else new or old that you love? Also we loved East Bay Diner in Oceanside for breakfast but they closed. Anything else that you can suggest for good eggs, pancakes etc? Thanks!

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  1. I know then all.
    Coastal Grill is the best by far..
    Petes Piteria, is a joint.
    Ginos is a Pizza place with other dishes but can not compare to Costal Grill at all. It's not in the same league.
    Matteos has ok food, but it's a mda house and you get a rush act.
    Nick D'angelos is good it's owned by the same owner as Costal Grill (George Martin's)
    I'd go to Costal Grill, but if you go on a Sat Night, be prepared to wait for a long time.
    Sugo was not good for us at all.
    For breakfast, good eggs, pancakes etc, try Ocean Park Diner on Park Ave.