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cuban if no Puerto Rican cuisine?

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No suggestions on the puerto rican cuisine, how about cuban? anything new, not versaille, el floridiata, havana on sunset, glendale, la perla del caribe or las palmas in noho. Anything else really special out there?
I may just open a PR food restaurant b/c there's nothing here!

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  1. My favorite Cuban restaurant is La Cubana in Glendale. A lot better than greasy/dirty/strangely popular Versailles. Lechon and fried chicken breast all good.

    Link: http://www.icuban.com/cuban-food-usa/...

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      My favorite Cuban restaurant is also La Cubana in Glendale. I was there a few weeks ago and had a wondeful oxtail with spicy tomato sauce. I'll have the lechon next time.

      1. re: Ernie

        You may have places you like better but I've never found Versailles "greasy" nor "dirty."

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          Versailles not "greasy"? I tried the vaca frita there- they pounded out a skirt steak and tossed it in the deep fryer! I know the dish translates to "fried cow" but if you ask any cuban, or anyone who's spent time in Miami, for that matter, they'll tell you that the dish is made by boiling the meat, peeling it with the grain into fibers that get soaked in lime/garlic/oregano overnight, then crisping those up in a pan in a tiny bit of oil... They gave me skirt steak confit dripping with fryer grease-ugh.

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            everything i've ever had at versailles has been greasy.

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            Greasy diners are strangely familiar to most folks. There's your answer. Not that Versailles is diner fare but most Chinese restaurants are similar. What's your point? Nobody's complaining with them.

          3. One of the oldest and my abuelita's fav:
            El Colmao
            2328 W. Pico Boulevard
            (213) 386-6131
            Just west of downtown.
            Cuban and Spanish food served, excellent pork.

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              Very very good food and even better Sangria. This is a true Hound stop in a mini mall that had a fence put up to keep the guys selling little bags out of the parking lot even thirty years ago when it was one of my stops on my way back from school. Great tongue, I think it was the Monday special but the best of the best that my sig.other loves is the Galacian Bean Soup. Truly a masterpiece.

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                Big thumbs up for El Colmao from me as well.

                Great Cuban food, no doubt, but I wouldn't exactly call the food at El Colmao Spanish. Cuban version of Spanish? Perhaps.

                El Colmao
                2328 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90006

              2. Cuban sandwiches at Porto's in Glendale are good.

                1. p
                  Puerto Rican cuisine...

                  I believe (but check first) that Cafe Boriquen in Alhambra has Puerto Rican specialties.

                  1. Have you ever tried MOJITO in the Santa Clarita Valley?..not only is the food very good, but they have a live band that plays latin music every weekend.
                    It is cuban food mostly, but with a modern twist. Not cheap, but reasonably priced and nice ambiance...

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                        Yeah, I definitely enjoyed my meal at Señor Big Ed's (which is also probably the funniest name for a Puertro Rican restaurant in the United States). My step dad is Puerto Rican and said the food reminded him a LOT of what his mom cooked for him growing up in New York.

                      2. Mofongo's in North Hollywood just opened, Puerto Rican.

                        Cuban, El Criollo in Van Nuys.

                        1. If you don mind driving to Redondo Beach, there's http://www.havanamania.com/. One of my favorites!!

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                            Puerto Rican, Dominican and Cuban have historically nothing in common, except for some native fruits and veggies native to these regions (even so, historically there preparations are distinctly different). However, fusion has created a lot of borrowing that has placed a lot of Traditional Cuban foods on Puerto Rican menus and in bakeries. For example Guava paste is strictly a Cuban invention/confection which was introduced at a world's fair in the 1800s. Guava paste is KING in Cuba and Miami-Dade (home to 1/2 a million Cubans). Cubans have a guava sandwich ("Pan con Timba" ), Pastelito de guava and Pastelito con guava and cream cheese (these pastries have been in Cuba and known in print in Cuban cookbooks since 1856 (almost 160 YEARS) also utilizes Guava paste. Goya who is Puerto Rican marketed this paste in the 1940s never calling it Cuban guava paste which is its origin. Today Puerto Ricans claim these are theirs. Completely False! With a population of over 4 million Puerto Ricans in the U.S. I have never seen a bakery that sells them. If, you go to Miami home to Cuban-Americans you find pastelitos almost in every corner-even Publix supermarket sells them as Hispanic pastries -Wrong these are Cuban pasttries-this is fusion confusion. This is just an example of other numerous ones that illustrate this phenomenon.

                            1. re: Ollie

                              +1 for Havana Mania. I love there Tuesday special (After 5pm)
                              Roast Pork/Lechon Asado, Cuban Style Roast Pork. 11.99
                              Really good.

                              Havana Mania
                              3615 Inglewood Ave, Redondo Beach, CA 90278

                            2. I think the slices of guava-cheese pie at Cafe Tropical in Silver Lake would easily hold their own in Miami or Tampa.

                              Cafe Tropical
                              2900 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

                              1. The best Cuban food I've had outside of Havana happens to be in a strip mall run by a family in La Habra. If you're in that area it's a must try. Better than many well known places I've tried in Miami and NYC. The empenadas although maybe not authentically Cuban are the best I've ever had. Amazingly crispy on the outside with juicy flavorful chicken and beef. Served with a nice oil based dipping sauce. The steam coming out of the empenada is a glorious sight to see. The roast pork is light years better than anything ever eaten at Versailles. The garlic mojo sauce is delicious, a perfect blend of garlic, citrus and seasoning. Their plantains are perfectly cooked. Crusty on the outside with a smooth creamy interior. Always well prepared which is not the case in many Cuban restaurants I've been to.

                                Moros Cuban Restaurant
                                380 North Harbor Boulevard
                                La Habra, CA 90631

                                1. I would check into La Bodeguita de Pico. It's on Pico, just kitty corner from Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles. I haven't been there, but I've passed it a number of times, and it looks they try hard. It may be worth checking into.

                                  La Bodeguita De Pico
                                  5047 West Pico
                                  (323) 937-2822
                                  Open: Weds – Sun. (11p – 1a depending on the day).

                                  La Bodeguita De Pico
                                  5047 W. Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90019