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May 31, 2008 12:51 PM

Fish Tacos?

Does any restaurant in Montreal serve fish tacos or do I have to travel to Ottawa to go to Taco del Mar?

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  1. I asked my Mexican friend (who's lived in Montreal for a while) this very question recently, and she has never heard of fish tacos anywhere in the city, so I'd be curious if anyone knows otherwise. I think they're pretty regional, too (Baja California in Mexico & California in the US) - she herself has never even eaten them nor seen them anywhere in her home region in Mexico.

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    1. re: kpzoo

      Thanks. I do think it may be a regional thing on the west coast that is slowly creeping eastward. I had them in California, Washington State, BC and now because of Taco Del Mar in Ottawa.

      Fish Tacos are amazing and I wish that they had them here.

      You should ask your friend if she has ever had Tacos-Al-Pastor. They are amazing and in Montreal.

      1. re: hungrycountry

        > You should ask your friend if she has ever had Tacos-Al-Pastor. They are amazing and in Montreal.

        Yes, she has - and they serve them at the place where we had our last dinner together, Au Coin du Mexique (Iberville & Jean-Talon) - have you been there? Tacos al pastor is one of their specialties. But we both had the chicken enchiladas "verde" - spicy and divine!

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          Yes, I have and yes the Tacos-Al-Pastor were amazing!!! Will have to try the "verde" chicken enchiladas. Thank you for the tip.

    2. La Iguana
      51 Roy St. east ( corner St-Dominique)
      Montreal, QC. H2W 2S3 |
      514-844-0893 | Fax: 514-844-0311

      I went recently and they may have fish tacos. They specialize in seafood.

      Good luck!

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        1. re: hungrycountry

          Let me know if you find them there - I've never had them but they sound very yummy!

        2. re: jarschef

          oh.. i never tried their fish tacos but their tequilla bar is AMAZING!

        3. I have had fish tacos at El Meson on St. Joseph in Lachine, but I haven't been there recently. They were excellent - made with red snapper, if memory serves.

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          1. re: davyboy

            What good news, I will fulfill yet another craving!

          2. Just had a terrific mahi-mahi fish taco for lunch this week at La Kitchenette on Rene Levesque. It was sublime! Black bean and jalapeno salsa, queso fondido, lime, lots of coriander. The chef and owner is Texan, and his salsa sure is good! It's listed as a regular lunch menu item. I'm going back for more next week.

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            1. re: CocoBean

              I went to Kitchenette today for the mahi mahi taco and it was excellent although no queso fundido on mine :( Actually, it was not mentionned on the menu description; I just reread your post and realized you mentionned it. I also had a tartelette with wild mushrooms, lardons and goat's cheese as an appetizer which was incredible. The service was top notch. They even gave us rosemary cookies to accompany our coffee and extras for the sweet! My dining companion who had the chicken tikka kabob was also raving and we decided to have our future lunch meeting there. It's nice to have such a good option in the area and to be able to avoid the boring Au Petit Extra.

            2. Thank you CocoBean & davyboy, I will try at least one this week!!!