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May 31, 2008 11:27 AM

Hill Country Restaurants, ya'll

We're heading to Fredericksburg next month and will stay at Rose Hill Manor on a Sunday + Monday. We're having dinner there on Sunday so any ideas for lunch in the town of Fredericksburg on Monday and dinner near Rose Hill Manor on Monday night? We're traveling w/my NYC aunt who's really isn't a fan of bar-b-que. Thanks so much.

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  1. Try the "Hill Top Cafe"-it is right outside the town. The food is AMAZING-Cajun, Greek, Eclectic. It looks like a small Texas Roadhouse but the food will blow you away. Try the Crab Au Gratin and any of the Blackboard Specials-everything is DIVINE :)
    Have a safe and fun trip !!!!

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      I just tried to make an online reservation via e-mail at the Hill Top and I have a feeling they're not open for dinner Mondays, but maybe that's just their biz office. But it looks fabulous so I have my fingers crossed.

    2. I just visited from Houston for the first time last weekend. If you like German food The Auslander is several very tasty schnitzels and wursts served with sauerkraut and red cabbage that have much more balanced acidity than the typical American version. They also have a beer garden. That area is known for some of the best peaches in the state and the season is early this year so be sure to stop at one of the road stands on 290. There are several local wineries in Fredericksburg. I preferred the larger selection at Water 2 Wine over the Fredericksburg Winery. There are several others on 290 that I didn't get the chance to try. If you enjoy hiking you should go to Enchanted Rock early in the morning or at sunset as well. The lavender is late this year, but it should be in bloom by next month. Hummingbird Farms on 290 sells lavender body wash made with locally grown aloe and essential lavender oil.

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        Thanks for those great ideas. Would you say the Hill Top Cafe would work for dinner as well as lunch. Also, thanks for the Hummingbird Farms tip. You CH's know everything.

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          Must second the recommendation for Auslander. Also, you may want to try Rathskeller, which as its name implies, is actually located below Main Street. At the other end of Main, Hondos on Main serves excellent comfort food, and has live music, even at lunch. Wineries? Becker, Bell Mountain, and Torre di Pietra are all recommended and all on 290 east of town. Finally, for peaches, try Vogel Peach Orchards near the abovementioned wineries. You can't go wrong with their peach preserves and peach butter.

        2. For lunch my pick hands down would be the Rather Sweet Bakery. For dinner, I've seen a lot of recs for the Navajo Grill. I haven't personally tried it though. Also, Rebecca Rather, owner of the Rather Sweet Bakery, has a new restaurant that just serves dinner. You might check that out. She is a fabulous cook so you can't go wrong with any of her places.

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            I went to Rebecca's Table one time and thought it was one notch above "awful". I had the bacon wrapped quail stuffed with chili's. The quail had a refrigerator, frozen taste to it and one quail was way underdone. The string beans had not all been "unstrung* and the corn pudding, or whatever it is, had large, hard chunks of something in it that the waitress and I concluded must be cheese. The restuarant itself is in a nice building though.

          2. My number one favorite is Hill Top Cafe, which is about 10 miles west of Fredericksburg. (Although I don't think they are open on Mondays.)

            But there are still several great restaurants on Main Street in Fredericksburg.

            Hill Top Cafe
            10661 N US Highway 87, Fredericksburg, TX

            Hannah's On Main
            232 W Main St, Fredericksburg, TX

            258 E Main St, Fredericksburg, TX 78624

            Hondo's On Main
            312 W Main St, Fredericksburg, TX

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              This is a great list and thanks so much. Hill Top is indeed closed but we'll check out these others.