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May 31, 2008 10:58 AM

New Restaurants in PVD

I heard that the folks at Al Forno were opening another restaurant? Does anyone have more info? Or any suggestions for new restaurants to try in Providence, any type of food or atmosphere.

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  1. There has been talk for a few years that the owners of 'Al Forno' were opening a new restaurant, but nothing has come of it. Their longtime manager/chef opened his own restaurant in Providence a year ago (allegedly, after his negotiations to buy Al Forno fell through), but it's not great by any means, and rarely recommended (it's over-hyped and over-priced).

    One of the better restaurants which opened in the past year is a place called The 'Waterman Grill' which is about a mile or so east of Al Forno (it's located at the end of Waterman St). I've been several times for dinner and Sunday brunch (going there tomorrow) and neither I nor my guests have ever been disappointed. The food is consistently delicious, the atmosphere is non-pretentious, and service is always friendly and attentive ,

    The restaurant is in the same place which housed ' The Gatehouse' which was a horrible restaurant in a great location. The dining room is casual/dressy and overlooks the waterfront (Seekonk River). I believe they have opened the deck for the summer season as well.

    The prices are reasonable (comparing it to other restaurants in the area with the same atmosphere/clientele) and the meals are served in a satisfying portion. The restaurnat is owned by the same group which runs Inn at Castle Hill in Newport.

    Definitely worth checking out if you are looking for something new!

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      I want to love Waterman Grille as The Gatehouse was my fave Prov restaurant for many years, but every time I've been (4x) it's been just okay. I'll be back since I still love the bldg, but it's not even close to my favorite place in the city.

    2. George Germon and Johanne Killeen are opening a small tapas style restaurant on Washington Street called Tini. Last I heard the restaurant was slated to open sometime in July.

      1. When were you last here? "New" can mean different things:

        - Chinese Laundry: Erotic themed Asian with, essentially, Asian tapas...
        - Aspire: New "New American" on Westminster
        - Tini: Coming, as already discussed
        - Rick's Roadhouse: BBQ in the Jewelry District
        - A few casuals/takeout/lunch places on Ives on the East Side, including George's Deli, Victoria's Pizza, and a takeout BBQ place soon.

        Looking at that list, I'm again glad to live in such a great and dynamic restaurant city, especially for the city's size.

        - Garris

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          I have yet to visit any of the new restaurants listed, but I have heard the same comment from many clients who have been to Chinese Laundry.... " Don't go hungry, and have plenty of money in your wallet." No one I know said they would go back a second time, which is too bad (the clients I have in my business are very well-heeled, and dine out five out of seven nights a week - many hold functions/parties at local restaurants as well)..