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May 31, 2008 10:46 AM

Milwaukee- Usinger's Seconds Table!!

We were in Milwaukee last week, and stopped by Usinger's to pick up some of their wonderful sausages, beef sticks, etc. How surprised was I to discover they had a "seconds"
table!!! Their sign says, "Only the items on this table are imperfect." I thought that was hilarious. The women behind the counter were so helpful-- we ended up buying knackwurst, a package of wieners, apple and gouda sausages, cheddar sausage, bacon (chunks and slab), a chub of pork and beef summer sausage, a chunk of beef summer sausage (deli-style), a beef summer sausage chub, and a tray of deli meats (mortadella and bologna), all for less than 30.00. Go quickly! Although you may want to wait a couple of days-- we sort of cleaned them out.

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  1. Picture of the uber-helpful Usinger's ladies. Sorry, can't get it to stick.

    1. Trying the photo link again...

      1. Right you are! The seconds table at Usinger's can be a REMARKABLE value, and the 'defects' are usually negligible: a braunschweiger who's natural casing caused it to have a slightly peculiar shape or bulge, hot dogs that are not quite uniform in size, etc. And the result is a wonderful product at a fraction of the grocery store price.