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May 31, 2008 10:02 AM

where can i get good matzo ball soup? (take out is ideal)

anyone know where i can get great mazto ball soup to go?

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  1. Pusateri's but it is expensive, I think $9 for a mason jar (serves 2 people or 1 really hungry one)

    1. New York Deli on the west side of Bay between Charles and Bloor.

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        Sadly, Toronto is a bit of a wasteland for my favourite dish of all time (RIP 2nd Ave Deli in NYC, which held my favourite bowl).

        The only really good matzoh ball soup i have had in Toronto is at the New Yorker Deli on Bay. I think they may put schmaltz in their matzoh balls - and the broth is tasty and not fake.

        Probably 2nd on the list for me would be Coleman's. Yitz's will pass.

        However, if I want really good Matzoh ball soup, i'll have my mom's soup with my sister's matzoh balls. Unfortunately I have to wait until Passover and Rosh Hashanah to eat it!

      2. Yitz's on Eglinton at Avenue...has a good version....Miranda

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          Nortown's on Eglinton west of Bathurst (near the Starbuck's on the north side) has a decent one too.

        2. - Nortown's is acceptable, though it won't blow you away.
          - The generally appalling Mel's had good matzo balls (at least as of five years ago), but execrable soup.
          - The generally admirable Daiter's version is terrible.
          - I've heard some good things about New Yorker Deli, but don't take this as a personal recommendation.

          Good Jewish food in Toronto is not easy to find.

          1. I gotta say, if you can make a good chicken broth, just make and add Croydon House matzoh balls. They're the best

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            1. re: air621

              Regina's. Best in the city by far.