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May 31, 2008 09:09 AM

Nice Lunch in Atlantic City

Stopping off on drive back to New York on Tuesday of Labor Day weekend. Saw that Michael Mina, Wolfgang Puck and Bobby Flay do not do lunch. Recommendations appreciated for excellent place with nice ambience that does lunch. Can be casual. No Indian food, Thai or sushi. Thanks in advance.

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    What about Opa! on the boardwalk? Greek/seafood. We had a great lunch there a few weeks back. Great weather, too! We got the breeze off of the water. Follow the link and see!

    Have fun!!

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      Angelina, I liked Opa as well. I was thjere with my wife and kids in tow the week they opened. Service was a little overwhelming (but for an opening better than none). The amuse of hummus and warm pitas thrilled the kids so much I asked if we could buy it for an appetizer for them They accomidated. I had the mousakka which was very good. My wife had something unmemorable. What really impressed us both were the Greek Salads. Plenty of super crisp lettuce, crunchy red onions, olives, real tomatoes and an ethereal Feta cheese, that at first looked like too much until we both tasted our first briny bite! All this slathered in a fresh lemon & oregano red wine and olive oil bath. I would definatley return. And for those of us with kids, you can literally sit outside on the boardwalk and people watch or send them to the Candy Store that is adjacent to the restaurant...its a 3 story sugar palace that will keep them busy while you sip your wine.

    2. I’m guessing that you’re staying at the Borgata since all three of the restaurants that you mentioned are located there. I’d recommend the Metropolitan in the Borgata. It doesn’t get the attention or publicity of the celebrity places but I’ve had some really good lunches there in the past. I’ve had their clam chowder that was excellent and their crab cakes are possibly the best I’ve ever had. The Cuban pressed sandwich was good as was their oyster stew. They’re open 24/7; the service was great and the prices reasonable for AC.

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        Good choice TomDel! I totally forgot about the Metropolitan. I agree, it should get more praise. I just LOVE that raw bar!!

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          I would also recommend the Metropolitan. I've never had a bad meal there.