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May 31, 2008 08:54 AM

Great Grilled Pizza (not brick/wood fired oven)

Does anyone know of a great place to get GRILLED pizza in Boston? I am from Providence and miss the amazing griled pizza from Al Forno...Bob and Timmy's on Federal Hill wasn't too bad either. Help!....I have a serious craving.

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  1. Mistral on Columbus is the first place that comes to mind....grilled Al Forno style.

    1. Providence is such a great food town; on a warm summer evening, I can't think of too many better ideas for dinner than a Bob and Timmy's trio of wild mushroom pizza while sitting on their side patio.

      I haven't found anywhere up there that's a note-perfect reproduction of Providence-style grilled pizza, but Cambridge 1 in Harvard Square is pretty good on its own merits. My favorite is the potato, fontina, and parmiggiano white pizza.

      Cambridge, 1.
      27 Church Street, Cambridge, MA 02138

      1. Cambridge 1
        Their steak, gorgonzola and arugula with cherry tomatoes pizza is yummy.
        Try it with their beer [they used to have their own brewed by ?] or the red
        gravel and rocks wine. It is wonderful!

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          Yes, I have heard that Cambridge 1 is quite fact, Phantom Gourmet highlighted their Grilled Lobster Pizza on the show this morning. Thanks for the rec.

        2. I have yet to find a pizza in Boston that tastes as wonderful as Al Forno. We have great pizza in Boston but Al Forno's pizza is from heaven. It makes me cry just thinking about it. It's worth the 45 minute drive.

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          1. re: macadamianut

            Agreed. I wish Cafe Louis would come back and put the Boston Public space out of its misery.

            1. re: almansa

              Boston Public is out of it's misery.


              I had a very nice lunch there last summer but haven't been back.

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                David Reynoso from Cafe Louis is actually at Al Forno now so we go down there every few months for a pizza and dirty steak fix.

                We were originally from Providence and Al Forno was halfway between our Yacht Club and home. We always used to say that the only thing we really missed from Providence was our friends and Al Forno.

                We have never found a grilled pizza to compare but may give some of the places listed here a second try.

            2. After reading your post, I was headed to Providence so I decided to try Bob and Timmy's and can see why you loved it.

              I posted a recipe request to see if anyone knows how to replicate their thin crust pizza on the grill. Hopefully, someone has ideas and I can try this at home.

              I don't know anywhere in Boston with grilled pizza like Bob and Timmy's. Yum!

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              1. re: bearzie

                I don't know Bob and Timmy's but I do know that the Al Forno technique is all over the web. George and Johanne have appeared on cooking shows many times showing how to make it. There is even have a Wikipedia entry on it with links to instructions