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May 31, 2008 08:50 AM

best restaurants & bakeries in Monsey/Suffern

looking for good restaurants in this area. do get baked goods at Zieches (hope this is spelled correctly) and they are excellent. but have not found the food in the restaurants to be that good.

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  1. Purple pear is getting good reviews, in the shopping center at the corner of Rt 59 and main Street. And in front of Pathmark on Rt. 59 is a sort of fast food place , some of the items they make are really good, like the pastrami egg roll. I haven't tried that much there, the standard fast food items look just like any other such joint. People rave about Sushi letsuyan and the adjoining chinese place that opened recently in the shopping center down Saddle River Road near the border with New jersey. To me they seemed reasonable, nothing special.

    1. I lived in Monsey for six years. Agree with the previous post that purple pear is very good. My absolute favorite, though, is Kyo. It is a japanese restaurant on rt 59 - best sushi anywhere. I now live closer to manhattan and mainly eat out there, but still travel back to monsey about once a month just to go to Kyo. No one better sushi! If you go, try the toro tau tau and the kamikaze roll.

      1. There are no good restaurants in Monsey. The best of what we have is Purple Pear. It has a good variety, nice presentation. I do miss the woman who used to be a partner in it and founded it.
        Bakery-wise, we are lost. Zishe's can be okay, but everything is packaged in plastic. We have yet to get a bakery with a variety of breads and fresh cookies/ uncut cake like in Brooklyn and Queens. We are never sure if what we are getting is fresh and that annoys me. They never discount the old stuff, etc. That said, a new bakery opened on route 45 called Brills. It has really good Challah and--when fresh--good cookies. A new bakery will be opening on 59 diagonally across from Tuvia's where the old non-Kosher Chinese place was.

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          I am not impressed with Zishe's. The challah is water challah,not sweet and soft. The cakes are ,for the most part, fine-nothing great.

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            I have no idea why this bothers me so much, but why all the plastic? Zishes knows danishes, but whatever happened to a big sheet cake of marble, chocolate chiffon and you go over and say: "Please cut me that piece over there" and you know it's fresh. And cookies? What happened to "Give me 1/4 pound of that and 1/4 pound of that" and put it in a box. And some of it will have a reduced price on it so we know it's a couple of days old. Or "slice me up that fresh loaf of rye bread or pumpernickel" They don't even know what pumpernickel or marble rye is! Why doesn't anyone in Monsey get the concept of fresh baked goods? Whew. I feel a tiny bit better now that I've vented.

        2. zisha's will customize any container of cake or cookies on the shelf to your specifications. and it really tastes fresh- their rugelach are the best. challahs so=so.bubba's bagels has some different loaves of breads.

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            Sorry, but the stuff at Zishes is not always fresh. Just like Glaubers. It is packaged in plastic with no indication of when it is baked. You need to get to a bakery in Brooklyn or Queens and get yourself a real piece of fresh marble cake or loaf of good pumpernickel or marble to appreciate what I am saying. Trust me, the only people who rave about Zishes or any other Monsey bakery are people who never lived in the city. And why are all the cream cakes made in advance and placed in the freezer or fridge? Again, this doesn't fly in the city bakeries. Fancy cakes are baked each week fresh and displayed in such a way so that patrons know which were baked when.