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May 31, 2008 08:34 AM

I need a good, reasonably priced lobster/steak place....HELP!!

I'm looking for an excellent lobster & steak restaurant somewhere in or near Boston. Thank you for your help!!

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  1. If you care more about a relaxed atmosphere than about top-notch food and want to keep the bill down, Frank's Steakhouse in Cambridge (Mass Ave up toward Arlington) is a good choice. I also kinda like the Mount Vernon Restaurant in Somerville/Charlestown, but you really have to want a super-relaxed (charming dive) atmosphere. You could also try your luck at the more-expensive Anthony's Pier 4, about which strong opinions abound on this board.

    The top shelf places (Oak Room, Grill 23, etc) are very expensive and of dubious value in my opinion.

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      I haven't been to either Frank's Steakhouse or the Mount Vernon in a while, but those were the first two places that came to mind before I read the previous response. I'm not sure Frank's serves lobster every day. The Mount Vernon, on the other hand, features their (daily) twin lobster special as well as steaks and steak tips. Both can be considered reasonably priced, and "excellent" is possible, but it's all relative.

    2. Thank! those are all really great suggestions. I think I'll try Frank's Steakhouse. I've never heard of it before. I forgot about Mount Vernon! Thanks again!

      1. I just called Frank's and unfortunately they don't serve lobster. But Mount Vernon has a twin lobster special for $20.00. You really can't beat that