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May 31, 2008 08:17 AM

mom and pop places in rome...

hi... i am in rome.... and will be here for the month of june... working on a film.. i am staying on via guila near the porte principe... and i am looking for some good "mom and pop" style places for lunch and dinner... good food and good prices... i am open to upscale also... but trying to stay away for the tourist traps.... can anyone help me?

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  1. A lot of recs here:

    Over the Ponte Sisto bridge in Via Ponte Sisto in Trastevere, you will find the "Antica Trattoria Trilussa". Some further down in the same area in Via Dei Genovesi you have "Le Mani In Pasti", and nearby at Piazza Di Sant'Egidio is "Trattoria Degli Amici".

    1. Check out Da Benito on Via dei Falegnami for lunch. Local spot, great food, good prices, friendly service.

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        Benito is a good idea. Nearby is Sora Margherita, which I don't like, but everybody else does. Then there's the one on via Ostiense near San Paolo fuori le Mura that begins with a Z, food more or less like Benito. A lot of people like Augusto in Trastevere.

      2. This article on Chowhound gives a lot of good tips on how to get to the good eating experiences:

        Another good tip:

        1. Lucky you. Have you found Osteria ar Galletto yet? They serve the best cacio e pepe in the centro storico, bar none. It's a family-run operation on the far corner of Piazza Farnese (approaching from via Giulia) at vicolo del Gallo. It will be mobbed by your neighbors at lunch, and there is good reason why.

          EDIT: oh, i forgot to mention my one issue with this place... the owners are rabid Lazio fans.
          I'd also love to hear about any of your finds. I used to live on via Monserrato and will be back in the 'hood before long, I'm sure :)

          1. here is a small list of what we have found so far....

            "da giovanni" - 41a via della lungara (06-686-1514) on the trastevere side of the river near the ponte mazzina... it is very small.. maybe 8 tables? all inside... a little hot on a warm night... the 4 of us had 2 pastas, spaghetti al sugo and a mushroom ravioli... 1 calfs liver, grilled fish, salads, salami, a bottle of red wine and it was only 45 euros for the whole bill!!! the food was good but not really stellar... but an amazing bargain... they are closed on sunday..

            "da corrado" - via delle felicia in trastevere (06-580-6004) closed sunday also
            another very small and only inside seating... very basic but the food was great... momma cooks in the kitchen for the lunch crowd... then the sauces are saved for the dinner... no written menu... great pastas and meat dishes.... also very reasonable...

            "acchiappafantasm" via dei coppellari 66 06-687-3462 ( near the campo de fiori)
            this place has a funny name 'ghostbusters" but it was very, very good!!! a calabrese rest. the staff are very nice.. the pizzas are stellar... we liked them better than "da baffetto" a very nice super thin crust... and they have a nice very spicy house made sausage... we had a great octopus salad with endive and celery.. lemon olive oil etc... very nice... also had a interesting pasta... fettucini with tuna roe, black truffle and lemon zest... and maybe a taste of cumin? it was delicious...

            "maccheroni" piazza del coppelie 44 (06-6830-7895) just above the piazza navona
            a very trendy and bustling place... open every day... but a very nice pasta gricia... and a good grilled steak over arugula... also good starter plates..

            "guilo passsami l'olio" - via di monte giordano 28 (06- 6880-3288) - a very nice small wine bar close to the castle st. angelo... great selection of wine and good food also...

            "l'angolo divino" - via dei balestrari 12-14 (06-6864-413)
            another very nice small wine bar... it is just south of the piazza farnece... massino the owner is very nice and he has a incredible selection of great wines... we had a nice salami plate... grilled fillet steak... a delicious lasagna made with a super thin unleavened bread and pecorino cheese... some nice sautéed zuchini... etc... etc...

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              Thanks panahead,
              it sounds like you are eating quite well, so far. I used to really like acchiappafantasmi, too. I haven't been there in ages. L'angolo DiVino is great- I'm glad you found it. Since you seem to be into wine, I suggest you also try Bar del Fico (behind Piazza Navona).
              I look forward to hearing about anything else you might find :)

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                thanks!!! i will check it out...
                all the best....