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matcha green tea powder

Does anyone know what stores in Toronto or York Region where you can buy matcha green tea powder?

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  1. i got a box of green tea powder at Ten Ren's, but it was a long time ago... they should probably still have it though.

    1. I saw some at Ambrosia (Doncaster and Yonge), they seemed to have a smaller tin and a larger one, seemed pricey, but I don't know what the general price of matcha is...

      1. Sanko on Queen Street will have it.
        Tealish on Walnut St has it.
        J-Town up north too but that's out of your region...

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          I just went to Sanko two weeks ago and they didn't have matcha powder. They had lots of other green teas and even green tea powder which wasn't the 'matcha' type. T&T also doesn't carry matcha powder at their Cherry Street or Warden/Steeles location. Auberginegal, true matcha is quite expensive even in Japan but it's so concentrated that a little goes a long way. I have still to find it in Toronto and will give some of the listed stores here a try...thanks for the list.

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            I'm sorry about Sanko...
            I know they did carry it there at some time because I bought a small foil packet a year or two from them.
            I saw it at Tealish 3 weeks ago. They're located just a few blocks from Sanko if you're in the neighbourhood.

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              No need to apologize, I went to Sanko before reading your message. Thanks for letting me know about Tealish...I will definitely visit them once I finish my supply.

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                It's there at J-town, I've held it in my hands a few weeks ago.

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                  That's weird i bought matcha there two weeks ago. Did you ask them? They keep it behind the counter not with the other teas. Maybe they were out?

        2. I've previously purchased mine at Say Tea. A little expensive, IMO, but worth it!
          There are two locations...one in Bloor in Bloor West Village and the other at Yonge & Eglinton.

          1. The Tea Emporium will have it for sure.

            They have several locations around town, I usually end up at the Eglington store just west of Ave on the south side.


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              The Booster Juice chains actually sell tins of this now in two different sizes.

            2. I heard that this stuff can be pretty pricey, does anyone know the general price or a place where I can get a good deal?!

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                I know it's been a while since you posted this but if you are still looking for Green Tea Matcha Powder you can try Health Valley Natural at 390 Bloor St. W. found it today by total fluke ... and I've been searching high and low ... $13.99 for 50 g ... I got the last box but he said he was getting more in stock soon.

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                  I get mine from Ten Ren's. Comes in bulk bags or tins or individual pouches. Buy 2 get 1 free.

                  Ten Ren
                  454 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5T, CA

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                    Chocaholic, what was the price at Ten Ren? I'm using mine to make green tea cupcakes. I normally drink Ten Ren teas, but never bothered to look for the powder.

                    Ten Ren
                    454 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5T, CA

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                    Just curious how was the quality of that? I bought a 50g bag of matcha from a place at College and Yonge and it wasn't that great. Had sort of a stale taste to it.

                    I've been getting my matcha from Teopia in the PATH around King and Bay. They sell it in two different grades, but the lower end Superior 30g tins go for $25. The price is a bit steep but the product looks, smells and tastes a whole lot better than others that I've had so don't mind paying a a bit more.

                2. if you frequent the "path" you'll find both the Tea emporium and Teaopia which I bought my matcha from.

                  Teaopia is closer to union station I think, and the other is upstairs in a building. Check the path "map" for details.

                  1. You will find an excellent Matcha green tea powder at the Big Carrot on Danforth, just east of Broadview. It's called NourishTea. This is top shelf!

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                      Teaopia has two grades of matcha. The Pinnacle is the better quality of the two. It's $38, versus $25 or so for the Superior. I have the Superior and it is good quality, but a bit on the bitter side. I was told by a salesperson in the shop that the Pinnacle is well worth the added expense as it is far less bitter. When I'm finished with my Superior, I will try it.

                    2. Have you checked at "Things Japanese" at Harbord Street? I think they not only carry matcha but also tea ceremony bowls containers and whisks.
                      I myself like the matcha sold by Ten-Ren as "Green Tea Powder" in 1 lb. light-green boxes.

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                        I've been looking for some green tea powder lately and did see the bags and tins at Ten-Ren's for around $18/100g and they've also been having a buy 2 get 1 free deal for at least the past couple weeks. Their green tea powder is from Taiwan and doesn't actually say matcha though. How is it?
                        I checked out the David's Tea website... they have a matcha matsu for $14/50g. Has anybody tried it? Or any of their teas?

                      2. You will find an excellent Matcha green tea powder at the Ozawa Canada on 135 East Beaver Creek Road (Hwy 7 & Lesile), Richmond Hill, ON L4B 1E2 (905) 731-5088.

                        Ozawa Canada
                        135 E Beaver Creek Rd, Richmond Hill, ON L4B, CA

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                          Hey guys, I was wondering if this is legit.


                          It's 500 grams for about 30$ which seems so cheap compared to the 50 grams for 20$ you guys are quoting.

                          Do you think this is worth a gamble?

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                            Your money but a pound of matcha will go off before you finish it, unless you're running a 24/7 tea ceremony stall or using it for something else. Small batches get used up quick. BTW, this really isn't an everyday tea. Japanese matcha isn't cheap;the Chinese version isn't always so great and I suspect this Zhejiang sourced stuff might not be exactly wonderful. J-Town or Ozawa are worth a look.

                            1. re: Kagemusha

                              J-Town has two/three kinds of matcha powder. You can get 40g (small bag) for around $5.50 I think it was, and then 50g for twice/triple the price, which doesn't add up. I bought three bags, and I guess the great thing is that they didn't charge me tax (or maybe it's been added on to the price tag). It's pretty freaking expensive so I plan to buy some at Sogo's in Hong Kong when I'm there in a couple of weeks. That might (hopefully) be cheaper than buying it at J-Town.

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                                Hi shockinblue - what is the quality like? Is the color fairly dark or lighter?

                                I bought a 50gram pouch at Ambrosia for about $13, but worried about the quality, since it was low in price.

                        2. I like to get matcha green tea in tea bag form, and the Kirkland brand is quite fantastic. I know, it doesn't sound very authentic since it's not made by some Japanese brand but this is quite high quality and comes in bulk (you can get it at Costco but they always run out).

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                            it's actually made by Itoen, one of the biggest tea producers in Japan. It's rebranded for Costco.

                          2. Whole Foods has organic matcha. Sorry I can't recall the size, but it was $20.

                            1. There's also Kono En at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Center.


                              1. Anyone with an update for this thread? I'm newly interested in matcha and it seems there's all kinds of product out there at different grades it sounds like maybe price is not an indication of quality.

                                I will check out N-PIG's suggestion of Kono En if they have a retail presence. Otherwise, my easily accessible source would be the 50g bag ($14-ish) at the Big Carrot, which sounds to be a mid-grade and acceptable type.

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                                  Look for DoMatcha at the health food stores, i.e. in Kensington.

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                                    I bought a 40g container of Matcha powder from Sanko a month ago for $13. It's kept behind the cash counter so I couldn't compare, but they had about 4 different ones. I believe mine was the cheapest. I find it a little bitter as a tea, but lovely used for smoothies. You should use a matcha whisk. Good luck and good sipping.

                                  2. Bought the "Mayaka" brand Matcha from the health food store on Bloor ($13/50g) and was leass than impressed-very weak flavour and a darker green. Just bought some from David's on lunch and going to give it a try. Already the colour seems better.

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                                      Just tried the David's. MUCH better! Big improvement!

                                    2. I have bought 20 types of Matcha over last 10 years and finally found the best deal for a quality matcha.
                                      You could pay $30 for 30 or 50 gms however that is two expensive for most people.
                                      I have for 2 years been buying from Ten Ren's store in Square One Mississauga. It is the store on the main level and sells the Bubble Tea in the entrance. However inside they do sell many types of high prices teas.
                                      They also sell a 600 gram bag of Matcha, green tea power for $20 and if you buy 2 you get 1 free, so 3 bags of 600 gms matcha for only $40. I can drink lots of it as so cheap. Some days when I am very tired I can add 2 table spoons to a glass of juice or hot water and it energizes me and I feel great and also good for health and weight loss. It is 10 to 20 times cheaper than many other Matchas. Ten Ren's even has a photo of President Bush Senior at the Ten Ren's store in Asia as a quality company. Ten Ren's store tea expert says they sell lots of it. I even got 6 people at my last job drinking it as so healthy and cheap, I would buy lots of bags and sell it to them at cost. Best deal on quality Matcha there is. It isn't the Samurai quality but it is 20 times cheaper so $5 a month instead of $100 a month. You could add it to any favored drink you like or even add a little cinnamon or add it to a soup or a smoothie to supercharge it.
                                      8 Ten Ren's stores in GTA

                                      1. I recently bought some at Teavana...Markville Mall location.

                                        1. Just bought some at Galleria (Don Mills). They had japanese and korean type. Comes in small tin and or re-sealable bags.