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May 31, 2008 08:09 AM

matcha green tea powder

Does anyone know what stores in Toronto or York Region where you can buy matcha green tea powder?

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  1. i got a box of green tea powder at Ten Ren's, but it was a long time ago... they should probably still have it though.

    1. I saw some at Ambrosia (Doncaster and Yonge), they seemed to have a smaller tin and a larger one, seemed pricey, but I don't know what the general price of matcha is...

      1. Sanko on Queen Street will have it.
        Tealish on Walnut St has it.
        J-Town up north too but that's out of your region...

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          I just went to Sanko two weeks ago and they didn't have matcha powder. They had lots of other green teas and even green tea powder which wasn't the 'matcha' type. T&T also doesn't carry matcha powder at their Cherry Street or Warden/Steeles location. Auberginegal, true matcha is quite expensive even in Japan but it's so concentrated that a little goes a long way. I have still to find it in Toronto and will give some of the listed stores here a try...thanks for the list.

          1. re: wasabi_girl

            I'm sorry about Sanko...
            I know they did carry it there at some time because I bought a small foil packet a year or two from them.
            I saw it at Tealish 3 weeks ago. They're located just a few blocks from Sanko if you're in the neighbourhood.

            1. re: chocabot

              No need to apologize, I went to Sanko before reading your message. Thanks for letting me know about Tealish...I will definitely visit them once I finish my supply.

              1. re: wasabi_girl

                It's there at J-town, I've held it in my hands a few weeks ago.

                1. re: aser

                  That's weird i bought matcha there two weeks ago. Did you ask them? They keep it behind the counter not with the other teas. Maybe they were out?

        2. I've previously purchased mine at Say Tea. A little expensive, IMO, but worth it!
          There are two in Bloor in Bloor West Village and the other at Yonge & Eglinton.

          1. The Tea Emporium will have it for sure.

            They have several locations around town, I usually end up at the Eglington store just west of Ave on the south side.


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              The Booster Juice chains actually sell tins of this now in two different sizes.