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ISO Vietnamese-style coffee press pots

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Hoping to make a little Sua Da at home. Anyone know where I can find them? I'm on the westside but willing to travel. A friend in Koreatown could also be enlisted.


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  1. I picked up mine at 99 Ranch (can't remember which one though). Just about any market or mom&pop grocery store that pulls in Vietnamese customers should have them. You might try calling the 99 Ranch in Van Nuys - that's the closest one in terms of drive-time and Pho 999 is right next door to it.

    1. I found mine in Westminster Superstore 15440 Beach Blvd. Westminster, phone 714-8916288. This is in Little Saigon.

      Good luck!

      1. You can buy the coffee filters for about $3, the tin of Vietnamese coffee grounds for about $5 and a big squeeze bottle of sua for about $3, all at the 99 Ranch in Van Nuys.

        1. The ones you get from 99 ranch and stuff are garbage. Little tinny/aluminum POS. I hate them.

          Plug for


          I get all my coffee/french presses there. They're stainless steel and completely awesome - well worth the price.

          1. Ikea (at least the Burbank one) has these for $12.95.

            1. banjoboy --
              We purchased several stainless steel single cup filter/brewers for about $4.00 each at the San Gabriel SuperStore:

              1635 S. San Gabriel
              San Gabriel, CA 91776
              Tel: 626-280-9998

              The last time we were there, a month or so ago, they sat on the top shelf at the end of an aisle -- in the coffee section. These coffee brewers produce excellent results! I can't imagine needing anything of higher quality; they work well.

              You can also purchase Longevity Brand condensed milk there (we like this one the best) and they offer a couple choices of Vietnamese ground coffee in cans.

              I find it a little messy to spoon the condensed milk from the can, so I transfer it to a squeeze bottle when I open it. Most supermarkets carry condensed milk in squeeze bottles; these are useful.

              1. Most Lee's Sandwiches branches carry them.

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                  Thanks for all the tips. I was unable to make the trek out to Westminster or the SGV, but I ended up having lunch with a friend at Pho 4000. We had a talk with the owner (Lynn) about our quest. A few minutes later, she arrived with a press pot -- as a take-home gift. Lovely pho as well. Thanks again.