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May 31, 2008 07:58 AM

Help! Father's Day Lunch- Dennis to Plymouth?

Can anyone recommend a spot that takes reservations and has a nice water view? An outdoor deck would be especially great. Food just has to be 'good enough'- they're not such adventurous eaters.

Something like the Chart Room in Bourne or Clancey's in Dennis would be good- but neither of those places takes reservations for lunch and Dad is getting older and I want to avoid a long wait for a table for him.


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  1. Hi, For a nice water view and acceptable food we like the Flying Bridge in Falmouth also for a view try Hemisphere in Sandwich. There is a set of stairs to the top deck which might be a challenge but the view is great. Food ok. Also in Falmouth is the Casino Wharf lovely place ocean view

    1. Although some on this board have given negative reviews, I have dined at Mattakeese Wharf in Barnstable several dozen times over the last 15 years and have always had a good experience. They do have outdoor decks and something of a water view (inner harbor). The view for which they are best known for is the sunset but that won't be a factor for lunch obviously. They take reservations for dinner and probably for lunch especially on a Fathers Day Sunday.

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        I concur with Mattakeese. Theyl'l take a lunch reservation. Food's not great but if you stick with broiled or fried seafood it's not bad, just a bit pricey as you're paying for the setting. Try to get a table on the back deck, as opposed to the side deck and the view is terrific. One of the few waterside options on the bay in the Mid-Cape. The 'old' folks love it.

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          Another vote for Mattakeese.....sufficient choice and if you pick simply-prepared items, older folks will be happy.

      2. Dolphin in Barnstable Village?