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May 31, 2008 07:36 AM

Superfoody visiting NYC and Queens/Bklyn

can anyone direct me to the areas in Queens and Brooklyn that have nice concentrations of tasty ethnic food/pzza/pastrami, etc....I have the subway and bus routes to rely on and also 'receptive to Westchester finds........thank you so much

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  1. You may want to post specific questions on the Outerboroughs Board; you'd probably get more replies.

    That said, I like this thread a lot and have referred back to it when DH and I are heading to Queens. You have to scroll through all the replies to see how the list grew and grew ... .

    1. As far as a good mix - Sunset park in Brooklyn is very good. Try Tacos Matamoros on 5th ave and 45th street (buy yourself a beer to bring in) and get yourself some Al Pastor Tacos. Also Ba Xugen on 8th ave and Lucky 8 on Eight too. Try all the pizza you see in BK that isn't a chain.

      1. I'd recommend the 63rd Drive subway stop in Rego Park (Queens). Within a quarter-mile radius you'll find great pastrami (Ben's Best---NOT the chain), REAL NY bagels (Bagelette), AWESOME Indo-Chinese (Tangra Wok), delicious Turkish (Istanbul), several Russian and/or Polish delis and markets, a Middle Eastern market, an excellent Asian market (Jumbo), and a Uzbeki restaurant (Cheburechnaya), which gets rave reviews here, but I've not yet tried. There is also Sushi 33 which has the best shu mai I've ever tasted.