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May 31, 2008 07:16 AM

last minute pizza recommend

About 4 of my out of town friends are staying with us and we wanted to take them to a good pizza spot tomorrow (Sunday) for a slice of Philly Pizza. Not looking for gourmet with a lot of toppings, maybe a plain pie and one with a meat topping. Any recommendations for in city or South philly? Speaking for myself, I like thinner crust and not loaded with phony cheese.... closer to NY style....Thanks much!

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  1. i dig me some pizza rustica in northern liberties! artsy pizzas, but tasty.

    celebre's in south philly - greasy as all get-out, but still pretty yummy. a more standard pizza, definitely anything but fancy & artsy!

    those would be my two faves at the moment i think.

    1. Macnow on WIP does a pretty good job rounding up the usual suspects in his "best of" lists. His pizza list was discussed here in this thread:

      1. Also consider Marra's on Passyunk Ave between Morris and Moore Sts in South Philly.

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          2nd the Marra's recommendation. Good choice for out of towners.

        2. Lorenzo's on the corner of 9th and Washington.

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              Well my hubby and I decided to scout out some of these places....we would each have 3 slices from 3 places all take out of course.....(Marra's dont do slices)...

              Celebre's - Yuk- worst than mall pizza....hardly no sauce, cheese was ehhh and the dough was like dominos or pizzahut...doughy not crispy...very disappointing...
              proceeded to Lorenzos ....It was closed...saturday before 7:30 and it was closed...
              Finally on North 3rd, we tried Gianfrancos Rustico- seemed promising by looking at the pies on the counter... But the sauce was a bit sweet for us , the dough was thin, but goopy, not firm or crisp at ALL. Im telling you Sbarros in the mall was better than these two.

              We took our friends to Rizzos in Glenside. As usual, It was fresh and crispy,
              They loved it, so all was not lost. I gotta say...Celebres being in So Philly and Gianco in the city, reminded me, good PIZZA is hard to find these days.

              1. re: j00jo

                Having taken the pizza home in a cardboard box which essentially steams the contents, did you really expect the crust to still be crispy after a ride to the suburbs? While I'm not usually enthusiastic about pizza in Philadelphia (grew up in Brooklyn), I've had good pizza (eat-in only) at Tacconelli's, Celebre's, and Dolce Carni.

                1. re: Seeker19104

                  Having taken the pizza home in a cardboard box which essentially steams the contents, did you really expect the crust to still be "

                  We ate it there in our front of Chickie and Petes (Celebres)

                  1. re: j00jo

                    I agree with you on Celebre's. Hasn't been good for quite a while. Chickie and Pete's white pie with lobster tail is better than anything Celebre's offers.

                  2. re: Seeker19104

                    Tacconellis is the best in PHilly...I wasnt sure if I could order my dough in time....I should have tried though.