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May 31, 2008 06:55 AM

ossining farmers' market open!

Not many vendors yet, but I was excited to go anyway! There today-- the two bakery places, Pika's, Pickle Licious, Dine's farm with chicken and eggs, Kiernan's grass fed beef (new, very fair prices), Pura Vida fish (a ton of very nice looking fish, also reasonable), a winery (new), and I think Mead Orchard with just some apples, honey, and Chinese greens. Can't wait for all the other stands with strawberries and veggies, hopefully soon!

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  1. I love Pura Vida fish--I got gorgeous scallops which are turning into ceviche as I type. I do hope a cheese vendor will come to the market--none are listed on the website!

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      I had a similar experience at the Pleasantville Farmers Mkt this morning. Not a huge showing and not enough veggies but a good start!

    2. I am so excited to hit the market for the first time this season on Saturday. I've never been there at the same time as the Fish Monger. Thanks for posting!

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        From the website:

        Pura-Vida Fisheries
        Hampton Bays, NY

        Rick Lofstad is a 3rd generation fisherman whose family hales from Norway. With his brother and cousins, the Lofstad family owns 5 boats and harvests 2-3 million lbs. of fish annually. “Pura Vida” translated “pure life” is a 55’ fishing boat. Rick fishes out of Hampton Bays LI. Rick represented NYS on the seafood management boards for 8 years. He was the first person in the US to export fluke to Japan and the first to export whiting to Spain. He formed 2 fishermen's cooperatives which represent 85% of New York’s fish production. All of the fish is wild caught, local Long Island produced seafood and it is caught under permits from the Department of Commerce, National Marine Fisheries Service. So you can be assured that he is following sustainable practices.

      2. I went to Pleasantville's Farmers' Market 2 weeks ago when Ossining's was closed and was really impressed... seems like there are more stands, and we got amazing eggs at Cowberry Crossing. I plan on alternating between Pville and Ossining now just to get these eggs!

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        1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

          Eggs at the stand with the pies, donuts, cider and fruit at Ossining (on the easternmost end of the grouping) are totally to die for. Scrambled gently with a bit of butter and you are in heaven. That, combined with the arugula at Tagliaferro's organic stand are double heaven (do that arugula with parmesan shavings, cranberries, sliced almonds, and honey/balsamic dressing... yum!) Gotta be loyal to our hometown, but we'll go take a look at P'ville - where is it located?

          1. re: Nancy C

            Didn't realize anyone had eggs at Ossining's... I'll have to investigate! P'ville's is in that big parking lot near the train station off Manville Road... across from the diner and starbucks.

            1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

              Agree with the eggs at the pie, etc stand--they are extra large with bright orange yolks. Dines Farms sometimes has eggs also.

        2. Well, the Ossining farmers' market is winding down, much to my dismay. But I was excited to hear that Kiernan grass fed beef will continue there until the week before Christmas, and that he will also be making an appearance at the monthly indoor farmers' market in WP starting this month. I've never been to the WP indoor market but I will definitely go now knowing he'll be there.

          1. Also went to market today. Got my eggs from Thornwood Farm. They also have pork which is great, brought from them before. Nice meat and eggs. Understand they will have fresh chicken in a couple of weeks. Don't buy from Dines anymore they were thrown out of the green markets. Can't wait for all the veggies also.