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May 31, 2008 06:38 AM

E is for...

One of the dining groups I'm in does cuisines in alphabetical order (A is for Armenian, B is for Brazilian, C is for Cantonese, etc).

We're moving on to E, and the host was discussing possibilities last night. We thought of E is for English and perhaps going for Fish & Chips, and then thought of E is for Ecuadorian and E is for El Salvadorean but didn't have any particular spots in mind.

So, suggestions? Where are the most delicious restaurants in Toronto (that can accommodate 10-12 people for dinner) that fit with our E is for... theme?

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      1. re: koknia

        Are there any great Eritrean or Ecuadorian restaurants in Toronto?

      2. Eastern Europe... which would include Polish, Ukraine, Slavic restaurants

        Lots of delicious foods in this category.

        1. Egyptian or Estonian?
          East Indian?

          Food from Emilia- Romagna? Romagna Mia would be an option!

          1. How about E is for "everything" and hit a bunch of buffets from different cuisines. But that's just the glutton in me coming out. :)