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May 31, 2008 05:10 AM

Vivere Ristorante ~ Spring Lake, NJ

This establishment, located in the Grand Victorian Hotel in Spring Lake, has been open for a little over six months. Large open and airy with a deck that overlooks the ocean from across the street on Ocean Avenue right next to the Breakers Hotel. A very relaxing place for a nice meal at the Jersey shore.

Claudett Herring the Executive Chef has been established for many years in the central Jersey area. We first met her in an italian restaurant in East Brunswick about 20 years ago. She is an excellent cook and a genuinely nice person. Her trademark is keeping things simple and only using the freshest in season ingredients. The menu selections are
therefore limited and change frequently.

We shared a house salad and it was basic and just average. But the main courses of shrimp scampi over penne and red snapper sauteed in butter olives and capers were both excellent. The deserts are made in house and we shared a carrot cake that was delicious
and unusual in that you could see the carrot and taste its texture. The wait staff were friendly and experienced.

Total cost of the meal before tip was $71. They are a BYOB that is open for brunch and dinner and they will accept reservations for two. 1505 Ocean Avenue ... 732-449-5327...

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  1. We had my DIL's baby shower there and the food was very good and they did a great job. Very nice people to deal with.

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      The wife and I tried Vivere with another couple this past weekend. While decent the meal just didn’t do anything for me. A few things I did like include the room (which was open and nicely decorated), the service (attentive, welcome and friendly) as well as the handwritten menu (although somewhat illegible). Based on the server’s recommendation, I started with the mussels in tomato sauce (nothing special and a bit under temperature) and an entrée of scallops topped with pesto with an interesting chickpea accompaniment. While the scallops were large and properly cooked, the dish save for the chickpeas wasn’t anything special. A few negatives: it took over an hour and half after arriving to receive our entrée and for some reason there was not one salad on the menu. Desserts (which are admittedly brought in) seemed uninspired and we in turn passed. Again, although nothing about the meal was horrible, in light of the many options available, I doubt I will return.

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        We went once over the summer. The four of us were not impressed. We were persuaded to order the house antipasto which was displayed in the next room - various grilled vegetables and it somehow took 30 minutes for them to serve it to us. Then another hour for our meal to come. The food was mediocre and very slow. We're not going back anytime soon.

    2. We had breakfast on the porch last summer. Nice omelets, good coffee and a lovely view. Maybe that's the best they can do?

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        I just read in Red Bank Green that Claudett Herring along with Lauren Phillips-Daly have decided to take over the Thyme Square space in downtown Red Bank opening a new Italian restaurant named Via 45. Per the article, they intend to offer "light" a la minute Italian and vegetarian dishes and intend to open within the month. While I wish them luck, my previous experience with Chef Herring at Vivere left a bit to be desired and as such I intend to sit it out pending other hounds' reviews.

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          Thanks for the report bgut! Wow, what I was looking for....another Italian restaurant. hee hee

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            Your welcome Angelina. LOL .... I was thinking the exact same thing..

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              All I can say about this news is a giant OY! lol

              And another Mega-OY! re: this post by shabbystorm:

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                    So who wants to go out tonight for some Chicken Parm????

                    hee hee!!