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May 31, 2008 01:12 AM

Singas Famous Pizza is opening in Sunnyside

They just put up the awning today. Its on 44th Street and 48th Ave? Its at the cross section of where Greenpoint intersects, right across Gabriellas... Is Singas liked on Chowhound? Its popular among the South Asian population.

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  1. Why is it popular among South Asians? I have never heard of the chain so just curious.

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    1. re: brooklynmasala

      No clue why it is but it started out over 10 years ago as a lil shop in Elmhurst... Indians flocked to it and then it started to pop up around every major Indian shopping hub - Edison, Jackson Heights, Jersey City, etc because the owners saw how South Asians liked it so much. Walk into Pathmark on Northern Blvd and you'll see the clientele is mostly South Asian.

      They only sell personal pan pizza' slices.

    2. I'd rather have dominoes. I guess it is unique among pizza places but that is not really a good thing in my book. If I recall correctly they build their pizzas on premade pizza crusts with mediocre ingredients but at a decent price. Not a recipe for a standout pizza.

      1. Terrible.
        Corporate crust, low grade cheese, acidic and sugared sauce.
        The kind of pizze you would get anywhere in the country where food is not a priority.

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          for a legit versioin of what singa claims to purvey, you can try the indo pak pizza at elmhurst famous in jackson heights. yummy, packed w jalapeno and surprisingly light. they also do a potato pizza that's pretty tasty

          1. re: david sprague

            i've had it when i wanted something cheap and hot. they make these personal sized pizzas right after you order, so at least you get a piping hot pizza. yes, not the best place, but far from the absolute worst. it beats whatever random clothing store that was there previously.

            a "starberry" is also opening on queens blvd b/t 43rd and 42nd next to the movie theatre, where the old fish store used to be. looks like another pinkberry copycat.

            1. re: Linda

              Hospital food can also be delivered 'piping hot'.

        2. There was one on Columbia Street for awhile. It went out of business.

          1. I enjoy Singas pizza. As an Indian, its more of a cultural thing. I can verify that its extremely popular among south asians. I lived in NYC briefly as a little kid and had lots of it. Even when we lived very far away, my family would have it when we visited NYC. I much prefer Difara's and other classic pizzas, but a onion and pepper Singas pizza still appeals to me now and then. Couldn't tell you why we like it so much though.

            I have been to the ones that opened on Livingston St. and Columbia Street in Brooklyn. Horrible. Wasn't the same pizza at all. The big difference was that the "oven" was a conveyor belt operation. The main locations don't do that and have proper ovens.

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            1. re: waylook

              Maybe you nailed it waylook, that's the one I tried in formulating my way (maybe) harsh criticism.