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Restaurants with Private Dining in SF

I am planning my wedding and I am looking for a nice restaurant that has a large private dining area for 50 people. We looked at town hall and the most they can hold is 42. The place has to be in San Francisco. Any suggestions?



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  1. I know Waterbar has an upstairs room for 50, and the view is probably incredible. I was asking about a private room for about 10 people and the hostess started telling me about their space. If I recall, the minimums were $2,000-5,000 depending on time of day and day of week.

    1. Old school banker style at the Carnelian Room in the BofA building.

      Kokkari Estiatorio - elegant Mediterranean

      Kokkari Estiatorio
      200 Jackson St., San Francisco, CA 94111

      Carnelian Room
      555 California St., San Francisco, CA 94104

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        i would NOT recommend the Carnelian room. in my experiences, food has been mediocre and service has been grumpy to hostile.

        i have hosted two 50 peron business dinners at Shanghai 1930 in their private roo and was quite pleased. the room is lush - sort of a 30's style library - very true to Shanghai's interesting blend of western and eastern decor. food and service were outstanding, and sommelier was nice despite an extremely limited wine budget.

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          Per Kokkari's Web site, their max is 30.

        2. I really like this site: http://www.sfpdv.com/
          Lots of recommendations for your group size!

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            From the up-to-50 places on that list, Rubicon would be my first choice.

            I'd check with Two as well. They can handle up to 120.

            22 Hawthorne St., San Francisco, CA 94105

          2. I'm not sure about the capacity, but the private dining room at Absinthe is a great room, private bathroom, private bar and they do an excellent job. I would imagine maximum capacity would be around 50.

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            1. link

              Pres a Vi
              One Letterman Drive, Building D, Suite 150, San Francisco, CA 94129

              1. Sorry this is a bit of a generic response, rather than a specific suggestion, but I was thinking to broaden your options. I've been to lovely parties where an entire (small) restaurant has been rented for the evening. And it might also be worth considering the banquet services of a good hotel.

                1. ok since my first two suggestions didn't go over well and one was out of a lack of due diligence on my own part, here are a couple other ideas...

                  1. foreign cinema - on my list of places to try in dine about town and noticed they can do big private events.
                  2. presidio officer's club. been to a wedding and a private meeting there, but you'd need a caterer.
                  3. yank sing (or a host of other chinese restaurants, but this assumes you'll have a chinese banquet) at rincon center.


                  Foreign Cinema
                  2534 Mission St., San Francisco, CA 94110

                  1. I don't know what their capacity is but 1300 on Fillmore has a private dining room and a really tasty menu.

                    1300 On Fillmore
                    1300 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA 94115

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                      I had an atrocious meal there and would not recommend it to anyone. Their fried chicken (deboned) was particularly bad. The best thing about the meal were the cocktails. Was with a party of 8 and we all left very disappointed.