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May 30, 2008 09:01 PM

HELP! What time do I have to arrive @ IZAYOI (Little Tokyo) to try their lunchbox??

Hi Izayoi fans,

I have heard that Izayoi's lunchbox specials are really good. What time should I arrive at Izayoi to get one? (I heard that they only make 20 a day.)

Also, is it mostly composed of sashimi, or does it include izakaya-type items as well?

Many thhanks!!

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  1. Yes! Well worth it.

    They open around 11:30. Best to go then.

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    1. Every time I have tried to get the lunch special they are out.

      I think the izakaya type dishes are excellent. Ive had great seafood croquettes, tofu made in-house with sesame paste, grilled sardines with roe and fried squid tentacles. I think they fry items with a light touch and do it really well. Ive asked for fried shrimp heads after ordering sweet shrimp nigiri and they obliged us. The menu is more extensive at dinner time. Good beer on tap, including Kirin Ichiban pitchers and a nice selection of sake.

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        ickster: What time do you usually arrive? Maybe I should get there by 11am for the lunchbox?

        Do you find that it gets very expensive when ordering several of their small dishes?


        1. re: Liquid Sky

          I usually arrive later in the lunch hour.

          I like to go with a group and sit at the counter and order both sushi and the cooked dishes. I average about 40 pp---with some beer and before tip---and its a lot of food.