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May 30, 2008 07:33 PM

The Grill Room -- Portland Maine

Ate at the Grill Room this evening and found the food and service excellent. Lots of very reasonable side dishes, bread was very good, but a little noisy......
I was very impressed with everything and they have only been opened one week....
This owner really knows the restaurant business, and wish him lots of luck for creating this restaurant in a very competitive Portland market......

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  1. Saw them setting up the outside tables this morning. The hostess said they officially start serving lunches today

    1. tell me more....555.....hugos.....what's it like?? I'm always interested in a steak house atmosphere with style....

      1. Check out the menu here:

        Ace Barkeep John Myers helped develop the bar here, and holds down the fort regularly.

        Haven't been yet - dying to get in there - everyone is raving.