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Kitchen 24 ?

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Anyone try Kitchen 24 yet? Just opened on 1608 North Cahuenga Boulevard, between Selma Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood. Given their premise of serving breakfast, lunch and dinner at all hours, am curious as to quality?

Thanks in advance for your opinions.

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  1. Kitchen 24 has a few issues to work out. You know it's bad when Cahuenga smells better than the restaurant you just walked out of, what a mess. A 24 hour restaurant on Cahuenga is a great idea. The execution of that idea by Kitchen 24 leaves much to be desired, especially if your customers are waiting for service and are on the verge of walking out. Let me explain.

    The food is good but service and the seating is awful. The service staff betrays the food at the place. I did say the food was good, more later. However, do not mop the floor with Pine scented "Simple Green" in the middle of breakfast. If you are waiter do not announce to your customers that you just got up and then expect them to wait while you disappear and bring back weak coffee and warm Orange Juice.

    Tell your hostess where you want to sit otherwise they will place you in a small table behind a concrete pillar, even if the restaurant is half empty. It was enough to make me walk out of the place.

    Right before we abandoned all hope of being served the manager walks up to our booth and begins what started as an apology and then transformed into an explanation of why and how. I was gracious, it was too early on a Saturday morning to tell him what I thought but he at least comped the drinks and we took our food to go.

    The food at Kitchen 24 is good, the pancakes were moist, big and tasty. The bacon was cut thick and the hash browns were crispy and not oily at all. The eggs tasted like eggs. These guys know how to cook.

    The cooks in the back are professionals, they should feel a great sense of betrayal that the front of the house, the service staff, the waiters, the hostess are sabotaging their new Venture before you can even taste the food. They should all resign, the owners should look for a new floor manager.

    I will come back in a month.

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      I had an interesting experience yesterday. I had never heard of the place before but I had just seen the Sex and the City movie over at the Arclight. I walked up Cahuenga to go to Citizen Smith but alas it's closed for lunch on Saturdays. Well as I headed back to the subway, I noticed Kitchen 24. It looked really nice; clean, trendy and it was fairly crowded for 2:45 in the afternoon. However, the hostess would not seat me because the kitchen was closed down. She politely explained they were still working out kinks and that they had been open only 48 hours. She suggested that I could maybe come back in a few hours. That's not a good start. It's always irritating to walk into a restaurant and be refused service like that.

      I may go back though just to try out the food, maybe in a few weeks.

    2. Yea....i'd say if you REALLY REALLY wanted to try this place. Come back at the end of the year. I went yesterday a little before 3P. Seriously..there weren't THAT many ppl in there. I heard about this place on a website called Daily Candy and their online menu looked really yumy.

      My friend and I got there, were seated immediately and thus began our 2 hour waiting game. We were on the verge of walking out several times. We didn't have our order taken for about 20mins. When we flagged the waiter down he basically told us that HE wasn't ready to take our order yet. Okkayy..Strike 1. We sat and waited more. Finally he came back my friend wanted to order the BBQ brisket sandwich. He said they ran out and that's why nearly half their menu had little sticker labels covering menu items too. He told us that they ran out of almost everything. Strike 2. I ordered the corn beef hash and my friend got the meatball sandwich. Ordered our food at 4:15. Didn't get anything until 5. Who the hell runs their restaurant like this?! Who first of all runs out of food, second of all, continues to seat people knowing that they can't even push out a frickin meal in a reasonable amount of time?! The manager made his rounds to apologize for the wait but we were already fed up. We kept asking our waiter if he can just cancel it because no food is worth that kind of wait and he just kept lying saying our order is next to be made...5 more mins...5 more mins he kept coming back telling us this. Finally right when we grabbed our bags to leave he came out with the food. Strike 3. Corned beef hash?! Yea not really. It was basically vegetable soup with cubes of ham and a fried egg on top. It wasn't bad tasting...but definitely not what I expected and ABSOLUTELY NOT worth the wait. I felt sorry that our waiter had to feel the wrath of two starving cranky girls ready to scratch someone's eyes out but he kept lying to us about the real wait time of the food. After he noticed we were seriously pissed off he was more attentive to us. Basically told us to blame the kitchen. The excuses consisted of: all the ppl in the place got seated within 10mins of each other and there's a small kitchen to work with. Ok but umm isn't that something you should know how to handle when you open up a restaurant? This place is a disaster.

      The only plus side if they ever get their shiet together? Good sweet potato fries. But you can get good ones at a place like Yardhouse...in 10mins.

      Btw, we still had to pay full price for the meal and crappy service. Not that it's expensive or anything but 2 HOURS?! I might as well have just gotten some canned corned beef hash from the market and fried it myself. At least it has some sort of beef in it...not ham.

      1. We went there Sunday morning after having read about it on Daily Candy. I checked out their extensive menu online and was even more excited to check it out. However, that is where my excitement ended....

        We were seated right away by a very friendly hostess. Once seated we began flipping through the menu and noticed that certain items appeared to be "banned" from the menu, having been covered up with little white stickers. It wasn't just a few items, rather a large portion of their menu was simply unavailable. Hmm, why? Well, apparently the kitchen was too busy and they simply could not prepare those items, which was a bummer to hear, but understandable given they've just been open two days.

        Our server took our order and then the waiting game began. In the 30 minutes we waited to get food, we had a chance to observe a couple things. We noticed there were a slew of managers and owners sitting throughout the restaurant, eating. In the 30 minutes not one plate of food left the kitchen unless it went to a manager or owner. There were several tables that were just waiting, and waiting, and waiting for their food. The owners and management seemed to be so out of touch and didn't seem to care at all about: their overwhelmed staff, their way-too-long ticket times, their growing number of unhappy customers, etc... Not ONE of them even looked around to see what was going on and everyone in there was waiting on their food, except them. If the owners are eating before the customers, then something is terribly, terribly wrong. If the management is so unaware of their surroundings it tells me that they don't care, which makes me not want to ever return.

        After the 30 minutes had passed, we were told that they actually didn't have something we had ordered. Really? Couldn't that have been worked out when we placed the order? Guess not. Okay, so the food ends up coming out and it was actually good. That's the one thing they have going for them. Otherwise, they're a bumbling mess of a restaurant that needs some TLC and some hard work to work out the basic restaurant do's and don'ts. The kinks will have to be worked out after they figure out how to actually run a restaurant.

        1. I went there with my buddy on Saturday around 6, got seated right away. Server was very friendly and got to us right away. I had the Meatball Soup...probably to salty for most, but I enjoyed it...The Monte Cristo which was VERY good. My buddy had the Vegetarian Chili which he liked and the Fish and Chips which he said was okay. My friends went there at 8 the same night, again had great service and said the meatballs were spectacular. So I guess they are working the bugs out. I know I will be back. Of course, we were there when it is not so busy...its in a club area and we assume they must get SLAMMED about 10 pm on during a Saturday. Anyway, I liked it

          1. I went there about a week ago mid Sunday afternoon. Was not too impressed with the food. Ordered the tuna burger. Was such a thin tuna tartare concoction of a patty and was cooked all the way through. I asked for it to be rare, but I'm assuming since it was so thin the heat of the griddle cooked it in a minute. Also had the grasshopper ice cream sandwich. Again, not impressed and they served in a coffee cup. Strange... Love the decor, cool vibe, but definitely have kinks to work out. Will revisit in a few months.

            1. I've been twice now...once for lunch, and once for dinner. Had the tomato soup and grilled cheese for lunch, and really enjoyed it. Soup was maybe a little too much on the spicy side, but still, all in all, great. For dinner I had the fish and chips, they were TERRIFIC, and the last place I had them was in London...the only thing I can say is that they should automatically bring malt vinegar, the server seemed confused when I asked for it. Speaking of the servers, both times friendly, not overly so, actually have to give props to my dinner server, we were pretty hammered and obnoxious when we arrived. Loud, too. He took it in stride, I'm sure we weren't the first. Also, the cocktail list is fantastic, but I can't see it lasting that long. Fresh ingredients get expensive, and unless they sell a lot of cocktails everyday, they will soon rethink the cocktail menu. I hope they stay, everything I've had has been great. I will continue to go to Kitchen 24, I think it's a great addition to the neighborhood, I only wish it was there ten years ago when I practically lived at the Burgundy Room.