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May 30, 2008 06:31 PM

Where can I buy a bottle of Ortrugo?

My favorite summer wine is delicious bubbly Ortrugo from the hills of Piacenza. Via Emilia's wine list has Ortrugo, but I have never been able to find this wine in a store ... does anyone know where can I buy a bottle of Ortrugo in Manhattan or Brooklyn?

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  1. The pro version of shows no ortugo in NY or NJ.

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    1. re: il Trifulau

      I did some research on line myself, and had no luck. Too bad ... ortrugo is less frizzy and has a deeper flavor (I lack a good wine vocabulary, but would say there is a hint of pear) than prosecco, is reasonably priced, and has an interesting story.

      1. re: silviag

        If it's that good, then you should ask someone at Vino on 27th St to order it for you. If there's a minimum, maybe you can split a case with someone.
        If you'd like, you could let me know who you speak with at the store.
        You've piqued my interest. Always looking for a summer beverage.

    2. still looking for Ortrugo? will be available on the East Coast by February 2010, with Malvasia and Gutturnio. For more info do as i did, they are the marketing people of this new comer!! enjoy