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May 30, 2008 05:19 PM

dinner salads in Providence?

Anyone know where to get a good dinner salad in Providence?

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  1. I like the salads at Pizzico on Hope St. It's been a while since I've been there, but I remember a grilled salmon one, a grilled shrimp one, and a roasted asparagus one. I also really like their antipasto plate (no lettuce, but various delicious veg and marinated beans, etc).

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    1. re: Tartinet

      Hmm, that sounds good!

      Do you know the price range?

      1. re: malyna

        $12 to $16 for an entree salad.

    2. my absolute favorite salad in the world (i may have to head over there now that i'm thinking about it!) is the south main salad at parkside on south main st. in providence. it's an antipasto type salad but everything on it is SO yummy! It starts with a bed of baby greens and is topped with white bean salad, italian tuna salad, fresh mozzerella, provolone, a big slice of fritatta, proscuitto, artichokes and a bunch of other stuff. i ask for the oil and vinegar cruets and go to town. the price is maybe the yummiest part: $10!! $6 at lunch! if you are a salad lover, please do try!