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May 30, 2008 04:25 PM

Lebanese Food/Bakery in Omaha?

Any of my Lebanese cousins out there want to share the inside scoop on where to get Lebanese food in Omaha? We're headed there this week, but my favorite Aunt is ill and won't be cooking. It won't be the same, but I'd love to share some traditional food with my son. Any advice is much appreciated!

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  1. Habibi, I have no idea. My cousins just moved there from St. Louis and they haven't found a thing. They cook their own. Good luck. Wish I could help. Best bet is to learn from your Aunt and whip it up yourself! There is no Lebanese Church there to my knowledge...and where there is no church...rarely is there food.

    1. wish i could help too. we just moved to omaha and have been making our own. if you found anything, definitely let us know!

      1. I have to be honest when I say making your own will probably be better. There is NOTHING better than homemade Lebanese food. You can make it how you want your sitti makes it...the flavors that you prefer. I think this would be an amazing opportunity to teach your son 1) about his heritage 2) how to cook. Most ingredients are easily accessible in the American grocery store. Good luck! Let me know if you need any recipes!