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May 30, 2008 04:06 PM

hip enough for 20 something but food good enough for 30 something

I am meeting a 20 something out-of-towner for dinner. I am a 30+ foodie but want to acknowledge the fact that I might have to sacrifice great food for location with a vibrant scene. I prefer restaurants like Hatfield's, Josie, Pizzeria Mozza, Fraiche, and A.O.C. but am afraid that they tend to attract an older crowd. Does anybody have a restaurant suggestion that could satisfy both parties in the Santa Monica, Venice, Pasadena, or West LA area?

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  1. In Venice, I'd say maybe Chaya Venice, Hama Sushi, Beechwood or Primitivo. In Santa Monica, maybe Tengu.

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    1. re: grubtrotters

      Agree w/ Chaya.

      I think Jiraffe is hip enough, but then again I'm an old soul...

      If you wanted sushi in Brentwood, you could try Katsuya.

      Another SaMo idea might be Rustic Canyon.

      I would have said Hungry Cat in Hollywood would be great, but perhaps out of range.

      1. re: grubtrotters

        i disagree about hama sushi.
        lousy quality fish.
        also, if you end up going to chaya venice on a sunday, don't order their sushi because some if it's freshness is very spotty on sundays (as though the fish had been procured the thursday before).

      2. Wilshire Restaurant in Santa Monica was a huge hit with the younger group of 20 somethings and very satisfying for 30 somethings as well. I thought the food was pretty darn good too. When making reservations, make sure you sit on the outside patio area as the inside is just missing the hip-ness and buzz that your 20 something might be looking for.

        1. Wilshire Restaurant in Santa Monica but, make sure you sit on the outside patio area. The inside is missing that hip and buzz factor. The food is great too.

          1. Wilshire Restaurant in Santa Monica. Sit outside in the patio area. The food is excellent too.

            1. BOA, Wilshire, Rustic Canyon, and Katsu-Ya come to mind. If you're willing to head toward Hollywood/WeHo (which a 20-something would probably like), there's also Koi, Chateau Marmont, STK, and Foxtail (although reviews on Foxtail have been pretty rough).