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May 30, 2008 03:48 PM

Edmonton - High Quality Take Out

I know that there are restaurants out there that offer take out, but don't advertise it much. Years ago it was unheardof (for eaxample) but I don't think they do anymore; Culina has the frozen TV dinners which we always keep around. What suggestions do you have for places that allow take out? Of course, I am not thinking of Earls and the like on this post.

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  1. I guess it all depends on somebody's personal definition of "high quality", but the food at Bangkok Express at Argyll and 99th St. always seems way better than is reflected by the very affordable prices. By sticking to a somewhat limited menu (maybe 6 choices for mains?), they're able to keep the service fast, making it ideal for takeout.

    1. The answer to your query is my neighbourhood favourite - Bacon. They do great take out. Love the bison burger, the poutine with sweet potato fries and the soups are often amazing. They always have at least one veggie option too.

      1. Most of the restaurants on the board offer takeout. Only fine dining type places usually don't. I'd recommend calling your restaurant of choice and asking.

        However, you may want to check out the Passionate Plate for HQ takeout - disclaimer, i've never tried it, but saw a TV special on them. It's a "studio kitchen", which i've seen around the world here and there, but it was a good concept with an interesting and (as i understand it) often changing menu.

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          Where is the passionate plate located? Calgary?

          Interesting concept and menu and even wine recommendations...I was hoping that their wine list would have an affordable white Chateauneuf -de- Pape as they suggested a white Grenache with their pork kabobs...I love the quirky whites from the Rhone but NOT the prices....

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            I believe it's right next to the Southside Italian Centre.

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              Thanks Yen...I think you are right. I know something was going in but I did not pay attention the last time I stopped by.

        2. Have you looked at 'Dial and Dine'? Depending on the part of the city you live in, you may find some better restaurant options than the normal take-out places. They have deals with restaurants around the city who will package up meals for delivery for this company, and you pay a fairly reasonable delivery charge (I think $4 to $6) plus driver tip. I've used it before (though not for some time) and thought it great for when you don't want to go out, but want good food. The packaging was carefully done, food was not cold (not piping hot obviously either) and for what we ordered, didn't suffer any from delivery. All the menus are online.

          1. Wild tangerine is doing those frozen dinners soon too and it sounds like it does decent takeout. I just read an article about it in Food for Thought. I think I might try it now.

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              I will have to check out their Manulife location....have not been back in quite some time.

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                Also I read in City Palate that Bacon is doing frozen dinners now too.