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May 30, 2008 03:43 PM

Pastry for Pot pies

Normally, when I make my chicken pot pies, I just use store-bought pastry crust....mainly because pastry crust scares the heck out of me. Its so unpredicable....half the time it comes out flaky and wonderful, the other half it comes out tough.

I'm making some mini chicken pot pies for a friend to give away as gifts this weekend and thought I better use my own homemade crust for such an occasion. I've got the pastry dough all ready to go (using the version from Ina Garten's chicken pot pie recipe from the Food Network) and its been chilling in my fridge since last night.

Any tips for getting it to roll out nicely? The rolling part is where things seem to go down hill for me. Help is appreciated!

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  1. Use lots of flour, no such thing as too much. Dust, flip & rotate the dough often. Roll away from you only, to the side is okay (to keep things even). Don't roll back-and-forth!
    Dough usually will come out tough if it is handled too much, always try to keep it as cold as possible when you are working it. Try not to touch it with your hands almost at all - only to form the ball/disk, to flip & rotate, and to fit into the pie plate.

    I'd also recommend pre-cooking it (when called for) a bit longer than generally stated. If it says 8 minutes, go 10 - 14 min. It will be flakier.
    Good luck!

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      I like to roll it on parchment, as it is easier to pick up and move. I defiantly agree with the few added minutes of bake time, at 350°.

      A egg wash helps assure a "magazine cover" appearance

    2. The previous rqo replies are all good, so the only thing I can add is to be sure to refrigerate the dough (or freeze) after topping the pies before baking. (Also, are you baking at a high temp? At least 375 degrees?) Good luck!

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        If you are doing mini pot pies, try Phyllo cuts into smaller squares and is comparable.

      2. Thanks to all! The pot pies came out beautifully. I kept the extra dough in the fridge until I needed to roll it, so it stayed nice and cold and I rolled it between parchment. That was a fabulous help. Egg wash was also a nice touch. I did do minis and they really looked gorgeous -- and the crust came out flaky and delicous. I made an extra for my fiance and he gobbled it right up. I'll try to post some pics of the finished product on my site soon. Again, all the advice is appreciated!