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May 30, 2008 03:10 PM

The Golden Glass Anyone going? I am seriously considering it. If any of you regular Bay Area peeps are (I'm looking at you, Maria, Zin...) I'd love to introduce myself to you...

Anyway, just curious if anyone had additional info/experience or thoughts.

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  1. Bogus!

    I'll be in town, but will be heading to DC in the early AM, so it will probably be room service and a bottle of Kendall-Jackson fo us. Too bad.


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    1. re: Bill Hunt

      Aw, Bill, You've got to pack some swill in your suitcase or head to a wine store once you land...the idea of you consuming K-J goes against some international treaty or something.

      Whiner, Golden Glass is on the same day as the last day of the Wine Auction up here, and I bet my liver will be working overtime. Let me know of some other winetastings if you like (email on profile) and I'll do the same with some up here or down there.

    2. i'll be there, both volunteering and at the seminars and tasting. i wouldn't mind company, if any of the CH boarders are there.

      additional info:
      i think ceri smith at biondivino will have people visiting her shop and pouring, these may need to be confirmed. Friday June 6th - Germano Ettore with Sergio Germano 6-8pm
      June 10th GIORGIO RIVETTI of La Spinetta - Piemonte

      this one is definite. there's two seminars prior to the tasting on the 8th one at 12 and one at 1 offered thru slow food as part of golden glass. see below:
      WINE SEMINARS at The Fort Mason Firehouse 6/8/08
      12:00pm - Gusto Piemonte takes regional-expression in Piedmont to the delicious extreme!
      1:00pm - New Zealand Winegrowers unveil '100% Sustainable Winegrowing' plan!

      RSVP & Info:
      Contact Erin Hunt:

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      1. re: StephP

        HOLY GUACAMOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        I KNOW what I'm doing on June 10! Thaks for the info. I don't think Ceri has sent out an e-mail about that yet?

        1. re: whiner

          she did send out the email, but you know how her emails are super long with tiny text. i didn't see it the first time, but noticed it on the second reading.

          yeah i hope i can make it on the 10th too, but it's finals week, so don't know if that's going to work.

          1. re: StephP

            UGH! I *know* what finals can do to a person, I'm in law school... 100% of grade in most classesis finals. BAH! At least there is no "homework".

            You should deffinitely try to go, though... Spinetta is one of my favorite ten or so producers in the world! His 1999 Barbera Gallina changed my life. (And his Barbarescos ein't too shabby... and the new Barolo... and of course the other Barberas... and pin! How could I forget pin?! Ok... I'm a geek, I just love his wines... ha ha, I'll stop typing now)

            1. re: whiner

              thanks for the info! i'll make an effort to be there. please come by and say hi. ceri will point me out if you ask for steph from davis.

              1. re: StephP

                Cool cool... ha ha... see you then! :-)

        2. re: StephP

          How crowded does this event get? I pour at the annual Family Winemakers tasting in Fort Mason with my mom, and it gets really bad by the end of the tasting. This one may have a lower profile though...

          Edited to add, there's a youtube video from last year:

          ...watching it with the sound off is hilarious, with all the Italian winemakers gesturing madly to communicate. Good looking food, didn't look too crowded.

          1. re: SteveG

            thanks for the video. not that many folks -- maybe its the trade tasting from 2-3pm before the public gets in?

        3. Yep, I'm planning on popping by. There are some great NZ offerings, and I need to bone up on my Italian.


          1. I went and it was great. Lots of amazing wine. More than just Italy this year and all terroir and slow. Nice to be able to get a sample of imports since we all have such great access to the CA stuff here already. Not as much food as last year but some of the restaurants that normally attend were at the James Beard Awards (congrats to the 3 who won from SF). There were almost 1000 people this year but the bigger building helped to spread things out.

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            1. re: davag

              I went and it was very nice. The highlights for me were the fennel salami from Perbacco (YUM! YUM! YUM!.... <gasps from heart-attack>) The Adami Proseccos (I was one of the people who, at 5:30, when the rep still hadn't shown and all those beatiful wines were just laying out there *asking* to be opened, said ENOUGH! and took matters into our own hands, and Hawkshead Pinot from New Zealand. Not imported yet, it was clearly the best wine I tasted all day. It will be imported, like, tomorrow, I'm sure. First vinatge already got rated (a 93) by Parker. So, look for it. If it hits shelves at under $45 it is a deffinite buy, in my opinion. And my guess is that since it is the first vintage (at least in the U.S.) it will be introduced in the mid thirties.

              1. re: whiner

                Whiner, It was really fun to meet up and thanks for the invite, perhaps a raincheck? Between finals and getting thesis stuff done, I'm losing weekends these few months!

                as for golden glass reports:
                1. all rieslings from Georg Breuer, C.H. Berres were yummy.
                2. Everything from Allan Scott was great -- they also had an aromatic drier riesling.
                3. Bodegas Guelbenzu (their Azul wine was wonderful and it was really inexpensive)
                4. Scacciadiavoli (everything from them)
                5. Adami's prosecco, all of Arnaldo Caprai's wines
                6. A really pretty pecorino (i'm pretty sure it was Cantina Tollo, however, it could have been Contesa)
                7. Cantina Produttori Cortaccia - tried lagrein for the first time here and liked it.
                8. They weren't on the list but Wither Hills from NZ had pretty pinots.
                9. food-wise, the italian girls brought biscotti and dipped it in the moscato giallo passito from la montecchia (btw they also have a very pretty sparkling moscato giallo).

                The highlight was actually Tuesday night though with all the wines from La Spinetta -- Rivetti's wines were VERY inspiring. And his Ca' de Pian is only $26!

                1. re: StephP


                  First of all, Steph, thanks so much for saying something. It was great to meet you, although I'm not certain how I feel by being able to be identified because I talk the way I post! ;-) Ha ha...

                  No worries, re: tasting... maybe we'll run into each other at Pinot Days!

                  I actually have some thoughts on the Spinettas, but I am going to put that into its own thread...