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May 30, 2008 02:34 PM

Where to get frisee lettuce?

I'd like to make a French style lardon and frisee salad but I never see frisee lettuce in grocery stores. Any ideas of who carries it?

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  1. check the farmers market today @ st. lawrence. failing that, i know there is organic frisee @ harvest wagon but it's overpriced.

    1. You get quite a large selection of greens (dandelion etc.) in some Italian greengrocers. Can't guarantee frisee, but I'd try Lady York on Dufferin, if you're in the area.

      1. Frisee is a frilly endive basically. A Lyonnaise salad usually uses the blonde frisee if available and that is near impossible to find outside of specialty growers (it is blanched in the field involving labour and that means $)-so it is not going to be in a grocery store-maybe the gourmet produce route (eg Harvest Wagon).

        1. I see it regularly in my neighbourhood, at Fruit King and Sun Valley. (Both on Danforth Ave.) A few days ago I even saw some Earthbound Farm frisee, either at the two places I mentioned or at Pape IGA.