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May 30, 2008 02:03 PM

Inexpensive lunch NEAR (not at) Union Station

My office is near Union Station and I need a place for a large group (10 or more) nearby.

We have about a dozen summer interns and they start on different days so over the course of the summer. Whenever an intern starts, a bunch of my colleagues and I have to take them out to lunch. We are running out of ideas of where to go!

We work for the government so (1) we have to pay for lunch ourselves (no expense account), and (2) we don't make that much money.

Any suggestions for good, inexpensive places in the neighborhood where a large group can sit for lunch?

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  1. Since you work in the area I have to assume you know the regular spots like La Loma, White Tiger, and Kyoto. If you don't know White Tiger I deffo recommend it for the indian lunch buffet. Inexpensive, sit down, lovely setting and tasty food.

    1. I have to recommend Taqueria Nacionale (behind Johnny's Half Shell) even though they only have seating for about 8-10 people at an outside table.

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