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what to eat when i take a break from studying :-(

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So i've got one last weekend of studying before a big exam next weekend, and for lack of a library that's open past 6ish on weekends, I'm coming down to the office to study.
The financial district is a bit of a wasteland on the weekends and so i'm consoling myself by thinking of where i can grab a yummy lunch on my study breaks. I'll be at York and Adelaide and something within walking distance would be great - not too pricey, just something I can bring back to the office and eat...any ideas? I'll be here both Saturday and Sunday...

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  1. Good luck with the CFA

    Is Fionn McCools (University and Adelaide?) open on Sat?

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      and yeah, i'd imagine they would be...slipped my mind there

    2. Ivory Thailand is a possibility.

      Ivory Thailand
      81 Church, Toronto, ON M5C1K9, CA

      1. Terroni
        Irish Embassy
        I am pretty sure the Marche/Movenpick (can't recall what it is called anymore) in BCE Place would be open

        Drawing a blank for anything else

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          Terroni and the Irish Embassy are good bets (but hey, this info may be material but it's definitely not non-public). I see no reason why the Beer Bistro couldn't pack up some decent take out, Burrito Boys isn't too far, and I've had more than half decent slices at the Mamma's Pizza at Young and King-ish.

          If you really want to do the pooch, take a break and go to St. Lawrence Market (on Sat. only) and put together a spread for the remainder of your joyous weekend.

          I'll be putting on five pounds this week thanks (I'm talking literal gratitude here) to the Chinese food truck in front of Robarts.

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            lol, yeah i've spent many days at Robarts, but cant take the jail-like atmosphere anymore, I've always preferred Gerstein.

            but good to know that I've got a few options despite all the food courts being closed. thanks!

        2. There's a Sandwich Box On Richmond between Bay and Yonge, so good.

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            And so closed on weekends. I say Burrito Boys at 218 Adelaide just west of Simcoe two blocks away. Prolly the only spot in the core that fits a student's budget (ie good food under $10 that's open.