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May 30, 2008 01:48 PM

Lobster Rolls - Best Bang for you Buck

After reading up on the Hook Lobster Rolls (I have never had one), I was curious where else in Boston you can find a lobster roll that's both tasty and reasonably priced. Any suggestions?

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  1. Yankee Lobster has one for 15.95
    Kelly's Roast Beef 16.95

    D'Angelo's lobster roll is surprisingly good for its price.

    1. Belle Isle in Eastie or Yankee Lobster on the waterfront

      1. Charlie's Kitchen on the back side of Harvard Sq. Two of them & waffle fries for dirt cheap & honestly really good!

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        1. re: butter and whiskey

          I think it's two for $10, which is a really good deal.

          1. re: steinpilz

            Thanks, I thought it was around there. I haven't been in a couple of years (I'm a Brooklynite these days), so I didn't want to quote a price & be wrong. But, I'm a dyed-in-the-wool New Endlander by birth, raised on boiled lobster at the beach in Maine, and I have to say that Charlie's lobster rolls are a real treat. Perhaps it is frozen (altough I kind of doubt it), but it is done just right. Nothing fancy. Griddled hotdog bun, mayo, a big pile of meat & a touch of celery; just like I'd make at home. A lobster roll is usually something you make the day after a lobster dinner w/ the leftover cold lobster, so I expect the tender meat of the main carapace, and not a bunch of tail. I'm suspicious of a heavily tail-meat lobster salad, shouldn't the chef have saved that for the bisque?
            Anyway, Charlie's is a treat; not only do you get a great deal on not one but TWO delicious, authentic, down-home, NE lobster salad sandwiches, but you also get good ol' fashion diner ambiance, and if you're lucky, an elderly waitress with a bouffant who can't help but call you honey & comment on what a sweetheart your date is.

        2. I had one from Kelly's this week. It's pretty good -- mostly claw meat and lightly dressed. A tiny bit of celery on a buttered roll. I still want to get to Belle Isle but for a quick LR fix, Kelly's hit the spot.

          1. In terms of bang for your buck, I have to say I love the ones from Twin Seafood in Reading (I've only been to the Reading location). It's actually too much meat for a standard roll so it's actually on a sandwich bun (which they will grill if you ask). However, yum. Large whole claw chunks and other goodies for $14.95. The owner is a nice guy too. Its making my mouth water just thinking about it.


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              I don't think you can "eat in" at Twin Seafood. Does anyone know?

              1. re: terrystu

                It seems to me there are a few tables and chairs on the other side of the market. Love Twins Seafood. Ever since Wild Oats/Saugus closed that's where we have been buying all our fish. Their whole belly fried clams are very good too!

                1. re: terrystu

                  You can eat at the W. Concord location.