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GOAT closes. Becomes another Cobras Y Matadors

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Sad news. I loved Goat but it never took off and was always empty. I will miss the jicama salad, goat carnitas, and wonderfully concise and affordable wine list.

The restaurant is Cobras y Matadors starting tonight. Good luck. The space is cursed.

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  1. I am so not surprised. That just was not the right name for that type of restaurant.

    1. Sorry to hear that and sorry that I never posted on the surprisingly good lunch we had there. Good light salad and tasty goat carnitas.

      1. awww

        i loved the goat cheese mac and cheese and the baked clams and the thing with figs and the pork chop. awww

        1. I really liked it, too. Was there for lunch about a week ago. I thought the food was quite good, the wine list was interesting....with good prices. Sorry it didn't attract more folks.

          1. This is very sad. I had just found out about this place on CH and wanted to try their Goat Cheese Mac & Cheese and all their other intriguing dishes. Sigh.

            1. On the plus side, Michael Ruiz, who just closed Ingredients in Montrose (had Bistro Verdu before that) is taking over all the menus at Cobras. Should be a great improvement.


              1. It was a good spot, but in LA, there are so many cursed locations that it is hard for some restos to get off the ground.

                I wish LA was designed more like a city with real neighorhoods where people often walked down streets like la brea. I am sure it would have done well if there was foot traffic and people popping in.

                Cobras has name recognition, and that is vital in a city like LA, so the space will do better. And the menus should improve.

                1. Is this the location attached to (what was) Rita Flora? If so, I really don't see how ANY restaurant will ever do well there. Something about that location just doesn't work. (Even though there are obviously some other successful locations very nearby.)