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May 30, 2008 01:44 PM

GOAT closes. Becomes another Cobras Y Matadors

Sad news. I loved Goat but it never took off and was always empty. I will miss the jicama salad, goat carnitas, and wonderfully concise and affordable wine list.

The restaurant is Cobras y Matadors starting tonight. Good luck. The space is cursed.

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  1. I am so not surprised. That just was not the right name for that type of restaurant.

    1. Sorry to hear that and sorry that I never posted on the surprisingly good lunch we had there. Good light salad and tasty goat carnitas.

      1. awww

        i loved the goat cheese mac and cheese and the baked clams and the thing with figs and the pork chop. awww

        1. I really liked it, too. Was there for lunch about a week ago. I thought the food was quite good, the wine list was interesting....with good prices. Sorry it didn't attract more folks.

          1. This is very sad. I had just found out about this place on CH and wanted to try their Goat Cheese Mac & Cheese and all their other intriguing dishes. Sigh.