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May 30, 2008 01:40 PM

Annabelle's in Red Hook

At Beard/Dwight. Stopped by for a drink after seeing in the Times that it was open. A nice-looking place -- so new it still smells like paint. Has anyone eaten there yet, or at the other new bar one block away -- the name escapes me.

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  1. excellent crab cakes, lobster baguette, back yard is grand opening yet, but soon...the place up the street is rocky sullivan's

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Went last night. The place has a great "vibe". Very cool feel to it. Nice mix of people. Excellent band playing fusion rock. Great sound system. Cozy booths to hang out in. Friendly bar. The food rocked too! I had a Lobster Roll that was basically a whole lobster taken out of the shell and put on a wonderful crusted roll. Came with salad and fries. They have a terrific backyard with outdoor seating that had a tropical feel to it. Eventually going to have BBQs there. Overall great experience!

        1. What are the prices like? Also, is this place the former Lillies?

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            this is the former lillies...prices are average. the food is freshly prepared...mussels and shrimp po boys and those french fries are my favorites

          2. is there anything decent for a vegetarian to eat? this place sounds right up my alley, but my girlfriend doesn't eat meat and shellfish.